Chill from acne

Many people are concerned about the problem of acne. They have the property of appearing inappropriately and spoiling it all their lives. The mood can spoil the abscesses, all kinds of inflammation and just a lot of black spots. For some people, the presence of this temporary inconvenience does not cause problems, for many it can cause a very serious psychological problem - an underestimation of self-esteem. For this reason, a lot of money is being spent to purchase various means of combating acne. In pharmacies, everything is bought up, from cheap preparations to super-expensive ones, constant experiments take place, and many tablets are drunk.

This article will help to cope with the described problem. The main thing is to know that pimples of any complexity often arise against the background of an internal problem, therefore before engaging in self-medication, it is better to consult a doctor and pass the necessary tests. Especially it is not necessary to engage in extrusion, sometimes such an occupation can lead to serious complications.

If as a result of the survey it became clear that there are no internal health problems, you can start treating the skin itself. The most important thing for her is proper care. It is necessary to cleanse very carefully and make sure that the skin is not overdried.

Also a good remedy is the acne remedy . Usually this medicine is prepared in a pharmacy on the prescription of a doctor. With a mild and moderate degree of skin damage, it helps perfectly. This is a kind of lotion that needs to be wiped once a day. The best effect will come if using this drug to fight with unopened inflammation. The chatting from the pimples is applied to the skin before going to bed, it is not washed off, so that the treatment process lasts all night. The only caveat that can be given for the use of the drug is to try to maximally moisturize the skin for the purpose by the means intended for this purpose. The fact is that the acne bug contains strong chemical components, such as alcohol, menthol, zinc and sulfur. They can help to dry out the skin. If not moisturize, there is a risk of getting burned.

Bolt from acne can be made and at home. For this, the following components must be mixed: 2 parts of levomycetin, 1 part of boric acid, 2.5 parts of aspirin, the same amount of sulfur and usual medical alcohol, preferably 90%. On the skin, this mixture is applied with a cotton swab. Almost all the newfangled means and tonics, designed to combat acne, can replace the talker from acne. Reviews about this drug in the mass of its only positive, again, only with the correct use of the drug.

The effect of combating acne can be enhanced if for the period of treatment remove from the diet products such as salinity, sweets and all fried. Of course, it is always better to stick to such a diet, but with problematic skin it is recommended especially. And it's not empty words - almost all the punctures with the diet immediately reflected on the face.

The chatty face is very useful, and its effect will be especially bright if you apply tar soap at the same time . In addition, experts recommend washing soap on goat milk. A component such as casein, perfectly protects the skin from overdrying.

The chatting from acne can have side effects, but in the mass they arise when misused. For example, in no case can not apply lotion more than once a day, it will not only bring the expected result, but can exacerbate the effect and adversely affect the skin condition. Also it is not recommended to rub it with strengthened movements - as it is possible to dry the skin, and the pimples will not go away anywhere. All medicines need to be approached correctly, otherwise they will only do harm instead of the expected benefits.

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