What is Ikea White Cottage? How to get there quickly and conveniently

The giant shopping mall "Mega Belaya Dacha" is known as the most significant of all large shopping and entertainment complexes in Russia. It is on its territory that the Ikea Belaya Dacha is based. How to get there, almost all residents of the capital know. Muscovites and visitors often spend the weekend in the center, resting their families and big companies.

What is included in the megacomplex

The total area of the megacomplex is about three hundred thousand square meters. This is a whole city, intended for family shopping, entertainment and recreation. The working time of Ikea Belaya Dacha is convenient for all visitors. The doors of the center are hospitably opened for dear guests on any day of the week from early morning until late at night.

The megacenter includes more than three hundred different shops. Among them are such famous ones as Auchan grocery store, M.Video hypermarket, Dekatlon sporting goods, Detsky Mir shopping malls, Santa House and MediaMarkt megamarket of home appliances, furniture and garden centers Ikea , "White Dacha".

How to get there, on the territory, to each of them, without spending a lot of time? You can use the services of minibuses, which are constantly plying the commercial town. Travel is free. This kind of transport services is especially important for people of advanced age, parents with young children.

In addition to shopping, the SEC offers a variety of entertainment. For fans of outdoor activities, there is an ice rink, bowling and billiards club "Kosmik". Children and adults will be interested in spending time in the entertaining "Crazy Park". Cinema "Kinostar", which consists of one and a half dozen rooms, conducts simultaneously a demonstration of different genre films for the adult and children's audience.

A bit of history

Work on the construction of a new giant complex began in 2004. The ideology of creating an innovative enterprise was the international union of the two largest companies: the Swedish Ikea and the Russian "Belaya Dacha". For three years, a unique complex was erected, equal in size to which there is as yet no Europe. Total construction costs slightly exceeded the amount of twelve billion rubles.

Where is the megacenter

The center of family trade and recreation is located in Kotelniki near Moscow, which is in the Luberetskiy district. The company buses "Mega", departing from metro stations Lyublino, Vykhino and Kuzminki, easily deliver visitors directly to destination - to the SEC "White Dacha Ikea".

Address of the family trading giant: the 14th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, Kotelniki, Pokrovsky Pass, 5.

In addition to buses that run with insignificant interruptions, the shopping center can always be reached by shuttle bus.

How to get there by private car

A convenient location at the intersection of various transport routes made the Ikea Belaya Dacha shopping center accessible to a huge number of people.

How to reach without difficulties In this area to those who travels from afar and are new to Podmoskoviem? A good card can be an electronic card on Yandex. It is enough to enter the desired address in the route navigator, and the road will lead directly to the center of family shopping and entertainment.

Car enthusiasts who come from different places to the Russian capital are happy to stop at the beautiful place of rest "Ikea Belaya Dacha". Moscow is very close, it's enough to cross the Ring Road, the distance to which is only seven hundred meters.

In the mall there are several open and underground parking lots, which can simultaneously accommodate more than seven thousand cars.

How can I relax with children

Those who are planning to rest their family and make purchases for children should not hesitate - it is necessary to go straight to the Ikea Belaya Dacha shopping and entertainment center.

How to get to shops with children's goods and not to visit the playground? We will answer directly: it is absolutely impossible, because right next to the "Children's World" a wonderful carousel works for free. Going down the escalator, you can find yourself on a large playground. Here, small guests can roll down the hill, climb up the stairs, pass a streak of obstacles, plenty to jump in and play.

Nearby is another play area for the youngest children. There is also the opportunity to leave the kids under the supervision of experienced and responsible caregivers, while parents will be doing shopping.

It's also great to spend time with children on an ice skating rink. The site is able to simultaneously accommodate up to a hundred people. If visitors bring small children to the ice, then it is better to do it in the morning hours, when the influx of the public is still small and you can ride without interfering with each other.

The best shopping mall in Moscow and the region

All the work of Ikea Belaya Dacha is aimed at providing complex services to its visitors on leisure activities. Mega offers its guests a comfortable way to shop, have fun, relax and watch movies.

When you go to the shopping center for families, people spend the whole day on the territory of a shopping mall. Hungry, you can reinforce your strength in the numerous cafes, bistros and restaurants.

In the megacenter regularly held numerous promotions, providing customers with favorable discounts, night sales at discount prices. All these actions are aimed at increasing the mood of customers, positive emotions and the joy of communication, which in the end makes the rest enjoyable and rich.

Hypermarket Mega Belaya Dacha is a concept of a new type of shopping center, which provides a variety of services and unites a large number of people under a single roof.

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