Vityazevsky estuary: mud treatment, ecotourism and fishing

For many years the Krasnodar region is famous for its hospitable lands and beautiful water bodies. Its territory nowadays is often attracted by such water resources as estuaries. Separated from the Black Sea narrow sandy scythe with small hills and kuchugurs of grass, these brackish bays have no surface vegetation and lie among ridges and rounded hills. To such natural beauties is the Vityazevsky estuary.

Characteristics of the pond

This small shallow bay of triangular shape has a size of about sixty-four square kilometers and a depth of up to two meters. It flows into a small river Gostagayka.

Unlike other similar bays, such as Kiziltashsky, Bugaz and Tsokur, which are connected with each other and with the Black Sea, the Vitiazevsky estuary is separated by the Annunciation ridge. Some parts of its coasts are rather precipitous, that's why they are convenient places for creating wild animals and nesting sheep.

A large number of islands and sand-shell shells contribute to the arrangement of nests by seagulls and waders. And the surrounding agricultural fields create favorable conditions for the fattening of water birds. Some of them here nest, shed and remain in winter.

Healing mud

Liman in Vitiazevo is also curative, since it contains minerals useful to the human body. They are often used in Anapa sanatoriums and mud baths in the treatment of various diseases. The bottom of the estuary is mud and mud, exuding an unpleasant smell, but having a huge number of useful properties. Due to their resorbability and anti-inflammatory effect, they are used not only for the skin, but also for the joints. However, it should be remembered that not everyone can be treated by these mud. Therefore, in order not to harm your body when planning a holiday in these places, it is best to consult a doctor.

The reason for the appearance of therapeutic mud is in the waters of the Gostagayki River, which carry finely dispersed clay that settles in the eastern part of its mouth. The thickness of the silt layer at the bottom of the bay is from twenty to sixty centimeters.


Due to its marvelous properties, Vitiazevsky Estuary is an excellent place for ecological tourism and recreation. Near it is the resort village Vityazevo, located in the southwestern part of the Taman peninsula, only twenty kilometers from Anapa. Some time ago, the estuary was a sea bay in the delta of the ancient Kuban, and in our days it is a drainage basin in the form of a triangle. Gostagayka remains the main fresh dwelling for him, but not the only water resource. In addition to it, the estuary is replenished with atmospheric precipitation and the waters of the Black Sea. The latter pass through a kind of filter in the form of a spill before entering the bay.

It should be noted that lovers of eco-tourism, especially berting, often visit the Vityazevsky estuary. Photos and videos, which testify to the wonderful rest spent here, are a vivid confirmation of this.

Although the shore of the estuary is not as spacious as the sea, it has its own natural charm, which attracts large flocks of birds. Therefore, on the shell-sandy coast, there are often pelicans, seagulls, herons and cormorants.

All summer months and September for the visitors in the village, the doors of the bases and rest houses, such as Elita, Chaika, Stroitel, Slava and others, are open. In addition, the private sector also settles the guests, trying to provide maximum comfort conditions at reasonable prices.

Fishing on the estuary

Vityazevsky estuary is also an excellent resting place for those who like to go fishing. Fishing in this area will bring a lot of pleasure and unforgettable impressions. For this purpose, you can even rent a boat or a boat, but this option is not the cheapest.

Fish in the bay are found in sufficient quantities. But when choosing gear, it should be borne in mind that mainly here live perch, carp, carp, bream, rudd, carp, pike and others. For bait, it is better to use worms, maggots, makuhu or corn.

You can also visit the trout farm to look at a different perspective on the Vitiazevsky estuary. Fishing here is organized at the highest level. And if desired, in the café located on the territory of the farm, you can prepare delicious dishes from the caught catch.

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