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How to make delicious kvass from rhubarb

Kvass from rhubarb is a rather specific drink with an extremely pronounced sourness. In this regard, the first time it is recommended to do a small amount. So you will be able to determine whether it suits you to taste or still should be limited to the classic version of this drink. However, in any case, kvass from rhubarb is indispensable in hot summer days. After all, it very quickly and well quenches thirst, and also contains a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements.

Step-by-step recipe of kvass from rhubarb

Necessary ingredients:

  • Fresh rhubarb - 1.2 kg;
  • Sand sugar - 2 faceted glasses ;
  • Yeast granulated dry - ½ part of a small spoon;
  • Clove, cinnamon - if desired;
  • Raisins - 5-6 pcs. (taste).

Preparation of rhubarb

Kvass from rhubarb provides use only stems of this plant. However, if you still have leaves, you should not throw them away, since they are very tasty pies, soups and salads.

To make a cooling drink, you need to take fresh rhubarb stems, wash them well in hot water, clean off the hard surface film, and then crumble into small pieces.

Heat treatment of plants

To make kvass at home, it is necessary to cut the cut rhubarb into a saucepan and pour it with 2.5 liters of drinking water. After that, the dishes with the plant should be put on fire, bring to a boil and boil it for 17-22 minutes. Then, the liquid with soft rhubarb stems should be covered with a lid and left for 2 hours.

The final stage in the preparation

After 120 minutes, the cooled rhubarb broth should be filtered through thick gauze or a sieve, and then diluted with 2.5 liters of cooled boiled water and poured over 3 liter cans. Then in each glassware it is recommended to add on the faceted glass of sugar and on ¼ of a small spoon of dry granulated yeast. Then the sweet broth from rhubarb should be mixed, and then closed with a lid and put in a warm place for two or three days (depending on taste).

Features of preparation

Kvass from rhubarb is much more delicious and aromatic, if you add carnation, cinnamon and raisins to it. These ingredients are recommended to use at will and only in the amount in which they are acceptable for you.

Spilling ready-made kvass

After a lapse of two or three days, a refreshing summer drink from the rhubarb stalks will be completely ready for consumption. However, before you pour it on bottles, it is desirable to taste kvass and, if necessary, additionally add sugar to it . Further, a drink with a natural sour should be filtered through a strainer, and then poured over jars or plastic bottles.

For self- cooked kvass to quench thirst well in hot weather, it is recommended to place it in a refrigerator for 5-6 hours or put in a freezer for 60 minutes. During this time, the drink from the rhubarb stems will become cold, and it can be drunk during the whole summer day.

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