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The original recipe. Beef stew - tasty and satisfying dish

Beef in its nutritional qualities is one of the best types of meat. From it you can cook delicious and original dishes. Any hostess can choose the right recipe. Beef stew is one of the cooking options that has become a traditional dish on almost every table.

The classic recipe for stewed beef is a simple, but long-lasting preparation. The meat needs to be fattened for 1.5-2 hours, then it will be soft and gentle. We take beef, if it is with bones, then separate them. After that, the meat needs to be washed and dried with a towel. Cut it into cubes or small brusochkami small size. Next, add salt and any pepper. We put the frying pan and reheat it with the addition of vegetable oil. We put the meat in a frying pan and fry until a brown crust appears. To make the beef soft, you need to follow certain rules. If there is a lot of meat, then fry it in portions. It is necessary that between the pieces in the frying pan there was space. Then you get a beautiful crust. Fry the flesh in a cauliflower or a saucepan. Add the laurel leaf and pepper. We pour in broth so that it covers meat for three quarters. And we put the stew, making a small fire. This is a very simple recipe. Beef stew is soft and tender. In addition, during cooking, a delicious gravy is formed, impregnated with the aroma of spices.

To this recipe you can add any vegetables. I suggest you try the following recipe. Beef stew with vegetables, it turns out a full dish, not requiring cooking garnish. We take beef and cut it in small pieces. We put it to stew, bay water. You can boil it with a whole piece, but then it will take much more time. Cook meat for 1.5 hours, almost until cooked. Meanwhile, you need to prepare vegetables. We clean and cut the potatoes with medium cubes. Carrots and turnips also cut into parts of an arbitrary shape. The onion should be cut into half rings or slightly smaller. Cut the cabbage into large squares.

When the meat is cooked, you need to get it out of the pan and drain the broth. Next, put the meat in a bowl, in which it will be stewed. There we send potatoes and other vegetables. Add salt and any spices at will. Fill meat and vegetables with broth and put to languish. The dish is ready when the beef becomes soft. When serving, you can sprinkle with any herbs. I recommend to pay attention to this recipe. Beef stew will become a wonderful lunch dish.

You can cook this meat in a more original way. Beef stewed in a pot is a dish that is served to everyone individually. For its preparation we take the pulp of beef and cut it into small cubes or cubes. Fry the meat in a frying pan until brown. Such roasting is necessary to ensure that the meat is juicy. Next we put fried beef in each pot. Add salt and pepper. You can put a small laurel leaf. Then cut the onion with any pieces and lay it on meat. Top with carrots cut into circles. The last comes the potato, cut into medium cubes. Do not forget to salt the vegetables and sprinkle with seasonings. Now it is necessary to pour each pot with broth and put them in the oven. Cooking for about 1,5-2 hours. Serve this dish in pots, sprinkled with chopped herbs.

And here's how beef stew is cooked in a multivariate. This method is the simplest. We prepare meat and vegetables. Then spread the beef into the multivark, and on top put the onions, carrots and potatoes. Vegetables can be taken any. Add a little broth or water, as well as spices and salt. We put in the quenching regime and cook for about 2 hours.

Choose any recipe and cook with pleasure.

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