Bromcampera instruction

Bromcampor is a sedative. Like other bromides (preparations of bromine) has the ability to enhance the processes of inhibition in the cerebral cortex (head), especially with high excitability of the central nervous system.

The tool "Bromcampor" instruction refers to synthetic drugs. The composition of the drug includes bromide camphor as the main active ingredient.

The medication is available in tablet form.

In the gastrointestinal tract there is a fairly rapid absorption. The active component is able to penetrate through the histohematological barriers, including the placental barrier. In the liver, the drug is hydroxylated to oxymetabolites released as glucuronides by the kidneys.

"Bromkampora". Application.

The drug has a calming effect, directed at the central nervous system. The medication also has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, improving the functioning of the heart.

As an indication for the use of the drug "Bromcampor", the instruction refers to neurasthenia (in particular, sexual), increased nervous excitability, and cardiac neuroses. The drug is also prescribed for asthenia, tachycardia, cardialgia, lability of blood pressure.

The medication is prescribed by mouth 0.1-0.5 g per day for no more than three times, for children taking into account the age: from two years to five, 0.01-0.1 g, from six years and up to twelve - 0.15 -0.25 g not more than three times a day. The expediency of prescribing the drug to patients up to seven years is determined by the doctor. The maximum dosage per day for patients over fourteen years and adults is one and a half grams. Therapeutic course - from ten to fifteen days.

It is recommended to take the pill after eating.

Side effects with the use of the drug "Bromkampor" instruction describes the following: allergic reactions, dyspeptic phenomena, drowsiness, inhibition. When taking an empty stomach, pain in the stomach is possible.

"Bromkampora". Contraindications:

Renal or hepatic insufficiency;

- Individual intolerance of the drug (hypersensitivity to bromides).

With care, the medication is prescribed in the presence of allergic diseases in the anamnesis.

The use of the drug during lactation and pregnancy should be agreed with the doctor. Thus it is necessary to correlate the benefit for the mother and the risk to the child.

An overdose of the drug is manifested by nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, anuria, fever, muscle twitching. In addition, epileptiform convulsions, shortness of breath, respiratory failure, a specific camphoric odor upon exhalation, depression of the central nervous system, coma may occur. As an aid appointed gastric lavage, inside activated charcoal and laxatives. With convulsions intravenously administered diazepam or high-speed barbiturates (sodium thiopental). Assign also hemodialysis with dialysate (lipid).

During the period of treatment with Bromcampor, the instruction recommends refraining from working with mechanisms or driving transport, as well as other activities related to increased concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.

In the complex therapy "Bromkampor" is used in the treatment of mastopathy. The sedative in this case is appointed in view of the fact that, apart from other factors provoking the development of the disease, stressful situations, excessive feelings, intense excitement and other nervous phenomena also have a great influence. Sedatives are aimed at alleviating the disease and alleviating the symptoms. The greatest effect is achieved by the use of certain medications in the complex. Undoubtedly, drugs should be prescribed only by a specialist.

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