Is "Femoston 2/10" effective in planning pregnancy?

Being a mother is the main purpose of a woman. Those representatives of the fair sex who for some reason can not achieve this cherished goal on their own, are ready to seek medical help from a wide range of specialists, undergo a lot of examinations, endure unpleasant procedures. However, not everything and not always so tragically. There are times when a woman needs to undergo a course of therapy with a special drug, and that's it - happiness. There comes a pregnancy, and the representative of the fair sex lives in anticipation of a miracle - the birth of a new man, his child.

Today, many medications have been developed that can help a woman become pregnant. One of them is "Femoston 2/10". When planning pregnancy, this medication can provide significant support to the female body and create conditions for the successful fertilization of the egg.

Main components and form of release

The medication is a combined hormonal drug designed to eliminate the deficiency of the hormone estrogen in the body of a woman and to provide therapeutic therapy for dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Tablets "Femoston 2/10" are packaged in packages of 28 pieces, in each blister they are of two colors: pink and light yellow. 14 pink tablets as active ingredient contain estradiol in a volume of 2 mg each. The remaining 14 tablets (light yellow) contain 2 mg of estradiol and 10 mg of dydrogesterone each.

Lactose, hypromelase, starch (corn), magnesium stearate and colloidal silicon dioxide serve as auxiliary components.

The tablets are biconvex, round in shape, covered with a film membrane.

Purpose of the drug

The drug "Femoston 2/10" (reviews, instructions confirm this information) is a good remedy for replacing the lack of estrogen, which is often observed after the onset of menopause. This medication is also good for eliminating psychoemotional and vegetative abnormalities that accompany the onset of menopause. These include hyperhidrosis (increased sweating), flushes to the skin of the face, increased nervous excitability, abnormalities in sleep, headaches, dizziness, decreased bone mass (osteoporosis).

There are other indications for using the drug "Femoston 2/10", and pregnancy in the planning stage is one of them. For his appointment, there must be certain conditions:

1) insufficient amount of estrogen by the end of the first half of the menstrual cycle (follicular phase) will make itself felt by insufficient thickness (no more than 7-8 mm) of the endometrial layer;

2) diagnosed infertility caused by hormonal imbalance in the body.

Medical professionals with this drug are trying to solve problems that prevent the onset of pregnancy in a woman: a thin layer of endometrium and a lack of estrogen. Dydrogesterone - one of the components of the drug "Femoston 2/10" - when planning pregnancy stimulates the mucous membrane of the uterus to grow, thicken. This is important in order for a fertilized egg to join the uterus wall unhindered.

In addition, the drug helps the woman's body to restore the regularity of the ovulation process, without which conception and the onset of pregnancy are impossible in principle. Although I must say that in the process of taking tablets, ovulation should not occur. This process is resumed after the course of therapy is completed.

Many representatives of the fair sex doubt the effectiveness of the drug "Femoston 2/10". Reviews, pregnancy, which occurred in a large number of women after the end of admission, prove that taking this medication is very much justified when planning conception.

For whom is the drug contraindicated?

"Femoston 2/10" when planning pregnancy is not appointed by every specialist. The reason is in a large list of contraindications. It should not be taken by women who have been diagnosed or suspected to have malignant neoplasms, depending on the level of estrogen and progesterone.

Do not prescribe the drug to women suffering from vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, not cured hyperplasia (pathological proliferation) of the endometrium. It is inadmissible to use the medication if there is (or a mark in the anamnesis) venous thromboembolism, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction (in the active phase or recently transferred).

It is forbidden to take the drug to patients suffering from liver diseases in the active stage, or if the biochemical parameters of this body have not yet returned to normal. Contraindication for taking medication is the presence of the patient's porphyrin disease (the violation of pigmentation due to the increased content of porphyrins in tissues and blood).

Do not take this medication woman with individual sensitivity to estradiol and dydrogesterone, as well as the rest of the medicament "Femoston 2/10". Reviews, instructions indicate a negative effect in the case of taking the medicine when pregnancy comes. Therefore, you should stop using it even if you just assume an interesting situation. The remedy is also prohibited during the lactation period. Do not appoint it to children and adolescents under the age of 18 years.

Possible negative effects of the drug

Most often, the drug can be heard in a negative context due to negative manifestations in the form of headaches, unpleasant sensations in the pelvic region and in the abdomen, migraine attacks, nausea, flatulence. The application of "Femoston 2/10" can cause painful sensations in the mammary glands, increase their sensitivity, provoke the appearance of bloody discharge from the vagina on the background of already coming menopause, and significantly affect the weight change (increase or decrease).

Clinical studies have shown that you can often hear about side effects in the form of development of vaginal candidiasis, increasing the size of uterine fibroids, changes in libido, increased nervousness or depression. In addition, the development of ulcers on the cervix, the emergence of excretions from the cervical canal specialists put in direct dependence on the intake of the drug "Femoston 2/10". The doctors' comments report that, in the background of the use of the remedy, cases of peripheral edema, hives, skin rashes, dysmenorrhea were recorded.

Quite rare, but you can hear about such side effects as a disorder in the functioning of the liver, a syndrome of premenstrual tension, a change (usually in the larger side) of the curvature of the eye cornea, rejection, rejection of contact lenses.

Sometimes it is possible to develop such formidable diseases as stroke, increased predisposition to myocardial infarction, anemia (hemolytic nature), vascular purpura. There were cases of increased blood pressure, development of dyspepsia, pancreatitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, the appearance of signs of dementia (rarely).

Scheme of reception and dosing regimen

Before answering the question about how to drink "Femoston 2/10", it should be said that the estrogenic component of the medication is recommended to be taken continuously, and progestagenic - from the middle of the menstrual cycle to the end (with a cycle of 28 days starting from the 15th day). Simply put, in the first half a woman should consume one pink pill, and from the middle of the cycle, as a rule, from the day 15, go to the reception of tablets of yellow color.

Usually, therapy begins with a minimal dose of estradiol, which is 1 mg. Therefore, if a combined long-term treatment with the use of this drug is expected, the specialists prefer to first appoint "Femoston 1/10". Then, if necessary, the patient is transferred to a higher dose.

Start treatment is allowed only after the complete four-week cycle has completed.

If, for any reason, the next pill is missed, it should be taken immediately. However, if more than 12 hours have elapsed since the time the drug is used, the missed dose is no longer necessary. It is not recommended to use a double dose of the medicine "Femoston 2/10". Similar preparations basically have the same reception characteristics. If you take a double dose, you will not be able to compensate for the missed dose, but the probability of bleeding will increase. Also in such cases, the appearance of smearing vaginal discharge.

As for the use of the drug by patients over 65 years of age, it is difficult to say anything, because there is not enough reliable information about the results of such use. As there is no evidence to appoint "Femoston 2/10" (the drug is still hormonal) to children and adolescents.

Similar medicines

If we talk about the structural analogues (generics) of "Femoston", then the closest of them is "Femoston 1/5 Conti". The similar principle of influence on the woman's body is possessed by "Trieskvens", "Divina", "Cliogest", "Klimonorm". The decisive word on the question of how to replace "Femoston 2/10" should remain with the attending physician.

In a positive way, medical workers respond to an analogue such as "Klimonorm". The reason is that, according to clinical studies, in this medicine the progestogen component is present in the optimal dosage necessary for effective control of the cycle and ensuring the proper level of endometrial protection from the effect of estrogen. In parallel with this, it is possible to maintain the positive effects of estrogen on the state of the cardiovascular system and the processes of lipid metabolism.

Also, "Femoston 2/10", analogues of which constitute a fairly large group, patients are often replaced with the drug "Angelica". Although experts are inclined to believe that there is no particular difference between these medicines. The main difference is that the gestagenic component in "Angelica" is drospirenone in a dosage of 2 mg in one tablet.

So how's the pregnancy?

If it is known for certain that a woman is pregnant or there are reasons to assume such a fact, you should cancel taking the drug "Femoston 2/10".

When planning pregnancy, it can be very effective because the volume of estradiol in pink tablets recommended for use in the first half of the cycle does not inhibit or suppress the process of ovulation, simulates the proper course of the follicular phase and stimulates endometrial cells to divide and grow.

The optimal balance of the two main components for the second half of the cycle is able to provide (in case of conception) the normal introduction of a fertilized egg into the inner layers of the uterus. Thus, "Femoston 2/10" (reviews of doctors this once again confirm) - a means to eliminate the deviations of the menstrual cycle.

Opinion of patients about the drug

Reviews of patients are quite contradictory. Most often the drug was used to normalize the condition after the onset of menopause and for pregnancy planning. Many people leave enthusiastic about the drug "Femoston 2/10" reviews. Pregnancy, due to therapy, makes women happy. Such patients speak about good tolerability of tablets, about stabilization of a state of health, improvement of state of health. Medication also has a good effect on the skin, it can normalize the menstrual cycle (in case of its violation).

The bulk of negative responses is associated with the development of side effects. Patients talk about depressive conditions, increase in body weight, the appearance of edema, joint pain. There may be a decrease in physical activity, the appearance of skin rashes. A separate group of women complains about the lack of expected effect.

Doctors about Femoston

According to medical specialists, "Femoston 2/10" is a drug with high efficiency in the treatment of disease conditions associated with malfunctioning of the ovaries, their premature exhaustion. Tablets in general are well tolerated by patients. Clinical studies allow us to talk about the positive effect on the lipid profile of the blood, on the overall well-being of the woman. Also, there is reason to talk about increasing oxygen consumption and enhancing the osteo-protective effect of estrogen.

However, not all gynecologists respond so well to "Femoston". According to many, the dosage of active substances in the medicine is high enough, and in the case of pregnancy, the drug can adversely affect the fetus. In addition, experts believe that when planning conception, medication is ineffective: pregnancy occurs in most cases only after a very long period of use. Mark doctors and a fairly frequent manifestation of side effects in the form of headaches, dizziness, flatulence, irritability, nausea. In rare cases, there are more serious violations.

So where is the truth?

Undoubtedly, a large group of medical workers tends to the need for early diagnosis and initiation of differential treatment for women whose ovarian function is impaired, which makes pregnancy impossible.

However, there is a fairly large group of gynecologists who know how to replace "Femoston 2/10" in the case of a woman's desire to conceive and give birth to a child. Doctors prefer to appoint a special drug "Dyufaston" in the first half of the cycle, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

In any case, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the instruction, take into account contraindications and solve all arising problems with the treating doctor.

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