Ideal haircut for a round face and fine hair

The most frustrating disappointment in a woman's life is the wrong haircut. If an error is allowed on the average length of the hair, then this is half the trouble. You can quickly fix the situation. But in the case when the haircut is short enough and the experiment failed - it's time to panic. While the hair grows, it will take at least a couple of weeks .... Perfect haircut for a round face and thin hair: what is it? How not to make a mistake and make the right choice?

Haircut for round face and fine hair

When choosing a hairstyle, always consider the type of face, structure and quality of the hair. Only if all these rules are observed, your new haircut will be a matter of pride and satisfaction. The form of the future hairstyle should correct the shortcomings in appearance and emphasize the basic merits of the person. So, it makes sense to focus on the eyes, as they always attract the attention of others. By emphasizing their color and depth with the right shade of hair, in combination with a beautiful haircut, you can achieve a phenomenal effect! Also it is necessary to consider and quality of hair. Those haircuts that fit dense and elastic hair, will be out of place with the owners of thin and soft strands.

Haircut for a round face

The main task of such hairstyles is a visual elongation of the face oval. Haircut for a round face and thin hair is distinguished by a ragged or graded edge. Individual strands either descend on the cheeks, or are arranged in a chaotic order around the face. Also it should be noted that the bangs will have an important role in creating a new image. It can be either straight, or oblique or elongated. But it will necessarily be with a torn edge, in order to divert attention from the round form of the face.

We offer photo haircuts for a round face that can visually lengthen it. Professional masters know some secrets that help achieve the desired effect. Still it is necessary to give preference to variants in which the hair on the crown is slightly raised. In combination with an elongated bang and a graduated edge of the hairstyle, this will help to achieve the optimum result.

Haircut for round face and fine hair

One of the most popular hairstyles that meet these requirements is a square. Direct or elongated, but necessarily qualitatively executed, it will perfectly hide all the imperfections of the exterior (and emphasize the dignity of the face). Special attention deserves to cut the ladder. It allows individual strands to fall on the cheeks, hiding the extra centimeters, so distancing you from the perfectly oval shape of the face. Great love and popularity for women and girls continues to enjoy cascading haircut (with the account that it is made on medium length hair, and the cascade begins at the level of the lips). In the photo of haircuts on medium hair for a round face, there is a lack of volume in the area of cheekbones. Just there (ideally for such a hairstyle) should be placed straight strands, masking the shape. An excellent result is obtained when using a light wave. Soft curls perfectly distract attention from the width of the cheekbones. Remembering these simple rules, choosing a good master, you will not be worth anything to surprise the people around with a stylish and effective hairdo!

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