How and with what to wear classic shoes-boats?

Classic shoes-boats, no doubt, are an indispensable part of the women's wardrobe. After all, they are always at the peak of popularity. In addition, they can be combined with almost any style of clothing, while creating feminine images.

Classic shoes: a bit of history

No doubt, shoes-boats are a sign of elegance and good taste. A well-known talented designer Christian Labuten, who, in fact, introduced the fashion of such shoes, rightly argued that the elegant heel makes the female figure perfect and elegant, and the movements - seductive and graceful.

In the 18th century, open shoes with low heels were worn only by maidens. And already in the 19th century, these models became popular in England - here they were worn by women working in court. But the time was passing, the leather industry developed, and the shoes became more popular. Now they were lined with fabrics, lace and bows. A real breakthrough was the work of the famous shoe maker Roger Vivier, who introduced the world a new collection. Now the classic shoes had a high thin pin.

And already in the 60s of the 20th century thanks to the efforts of the famous Coco Chanel, the shoes-boats acquired a more restrained and ascetic look - a rounded sock and a steady heel.

Today, fashion designers and designers offer a lot of different models of "boats", so every fashionista has plenty to choose from.

Classic shoes: how and with what to wear?

In fact, "boats" perfectly match any style of clothing and will be appropriate both in the office and at the official reception.

For example, classic shoes on a hairpin is a perfect addition to the legendary little black dress. Without doubt, bright models with high heels will be decorated with both a luxurious evening dress and a strict official attire.

For everyday wear it is better to buy "boats" on a stable heel of medium length. They will not only provide comfort and convenience, but also add elegance alongside and show your good taste to others. Such shoes are perfectly combined with strict trousers, business suits, skirts (up to the knees and below), and also dresses.

Today jeans are considered the most popular and comfortable clothes. Therefore, many ladies are interested in whether it is possible to wear such shoes with them? No doubt, yes. This will suit both modest models on the wedge, and luxury shoes with high heels - it all depends on your personal preferences. For example, classic heeled shoes, tight jeans and a bright top - this is a good option for a fun party or nightclub.

Boats also fit well with leggings, which are so popular among women. To the elastic pants, almost any heel will do - here everything depends on the shape of the legs and the features of the figure. And you can even wear gaiters on top.

And one more important remark - classic women's shoes do not fit well with sportswear. Perhaps, this is the only style in which "boats" can not be used.

In any case, do not be afraid to experiment. And remember that with the right shoe you can emphasize the beauty of the figure, make the gait more feminine, and the outfit more elegant.

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