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Varvara Yakubovich: biography, family and hobbies

Our heroine is Varvara Yakubovich, daughter of the famous and beloved television presenter. Do you want to know when she was born? What are you doing now? We will gladly share the information.

A story of love for parents

Leonid Yakubovich and Marina Vido met at work. They began a service romance. A young journalist and a famous showman became friends during one of their trips. Leonid Arkadievich has already divorced his wife, the mother of his son Artyom. Marina was a free girl.

For a while the couple continued to meet. And after it became known about the "interesting" position of Marina, Yakubovich made her an offer. There was no lavish wedding. Lovers simply signed in one of the capital's registry offices.

On March 28, 1998, their common child appeared - the charming daughter of Varvara. At that time, Marina was 34 years old, and Leonid Arkadievich - 52. With the appearance of the daughter, the presenter of "Fields of Wonders" literally looked younger for 10-15 years.

Varya grew up an active and inquisitive child. Parents spoiled it, buying the best toys and expensive outfits. The son of Leonid Yakubovich from his first marriage often came to their house. He managed to find a common language with his stepmother and half-sister.


Varvara Yakubovich graduated from an elite school with an English bias. Several times a week she visited the circles: dancing, drawing, needlework and so on. All this contributed to the all-round development of her personality.

At present, the daughter of Yakubovich Is a student of one of the most prestigious universities in the country - MGIMO. If you think that there she acted on the brunt, you are mistaken. The girl successfully coped with the exams. Prepared for admission it helped professional tutors.

Creativity and future plans

From an early age, Varya showed an interest in art. The girl liked to arrange home concerts with disguises and parodies of pop stars. In adolescence, the daughter of Yakubovich had a dream - to act in films. And she realized it. In 2013, Varya, along with her brother Artem, starred in the comedy "Grandfather of My Dreams". They had episodic roles. But the children of Yakubovich were not upset. After all, they received invaluable work experience in the frame.

Now Varvara has another dream - to become a well-known TV presenter. This girl is going to realize this idea immediately after graduation.

Family life

For several years, Leonid Yakubovich built a two-storey house in the cottage settlement of Penata, located in the Moscow region. Now his favorite girls live there - wife Marina and daughter Varya. And the TV host comes to them on the weekends. A tight work schedule does not allow you to do this more often. The permanent residence of Leonid Arkadievich is a Moscow apartment in Karetny Lane.

Marina continues to work on television. But, unlike her husband, she is off-screen. Management appreciates the woman for initiative, punctuality and responsible approach to any business. All these qualities are also in Varvara, their heroine inherited from her mother.


Varvara Yakubovich is already an adult girl. She has an attractive appearance. She has long dark hair, tall stature, a slim figure and a pretty face.

Varya actively uses social networks. The girl has many subscribers, with whom she shares photos of her life. In our free time from studies, our heroine is engaged in horseback riding.

Leonid Yakubovich with his daughter Varvara often come together to the stable. They feed horses with apples, carrots and sugar. The TV presenter likes to watch Varya stay in the saddle. He loves his krovinushku and notes all her successes.


Varvara Yakubovich is a bright, interesting and purposeful girl. There is no doubt that a bright future awaits her.

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