How to configure the modem of "Rostelecom"? Configuring the ADSL modem "Rostelecom": step by step instructions

The Russian national provider Rostelecom has long provided high-quality communications services, including the organization of high-speed Internet access at home or in offices. One of the options for connection may be the purchase of a modem "Rostelecom" with WiFi. The price, depending on the model, averages between eight hundred and one and a half thousand rubles. True, some users are faced with the problem of its configuration, in particular ADSL-devices. However, if you understand, nothing particularly complicated in this. The following instructions will help any person to set the correct parameters within a few minutes.

ADSL-modem "Rostelecom": what is it and what for?

So, we will understand. To begin with, a few words about what the ADSL modem of Rostelecom is and how it is used in practice.

The very technology of ADSL is based on the use of telephone lines, which are now available even in the most remote and inaccessible places. Internet modem "Rostelecom" uses asynchronous data transfer, in which the reception speed is a priority and exceeds the rate of return. In terms of exceptions, only IP-telephony, mail and video calls can be distinguished here.

As recommended by the company's specialists, when connecting the ADSL modem of Rostelecom to the scheme it is better to include a special splitter (splitter). This is necessary so that during the connection the telephone line is not blocked. On the splitter itself there is one input and two outputs, and for different cables, which avoids the imposition of frequencies.

Basic types of models

As for the equipment offered by the company on the market, today among the main devices that can be used to connect to the Internet through a telephone line, there are three main ones:

  • D-Link 2640U.
  • Qtech RT-A1W4L1USBN.
  • Sagemcom F @ st 2804 v7.

On the issue of how to configure the Rostelecom modem, in principle, the main parameters to be set are not particularly different, so the settings for the D-Link 2640U will be listed below.

Standard wiring diagram

So, first of all the modem / router "Rostelecom" must be connected to the computer and telephone line.

The standard connection scheme looks like this: a computer terminal connects to the modem through any LAN port, the modem, in turn, is connected to the splitter by a cable, and the splitter is plugged into the telephone line outlet. It is thanks to the use of a splitter that it is possible to simultaneously use and access the Internet, and to make regular calls on a fixed line. When the entire circuit is assembled, the modem must be powered from the electrical network, after which the corresponding indicator should light up and not blink on it, which indicates that the connection was made correctly. Otherwise, you need to check the connection, and possibly replace the cables or even the splitter.

How to configure a modem of Rostelecom: installing drivers

With the connection seems to be all clear. Now you need to initialize the device in the computer system. To do this, you need to install the drivers.

If the operating system does not automatically download it after the download, you can use the installation disc, which must be shipped with any device you purchase. In case the disk is lost or damaged, the corresponding drivers can be found directly on the company's official website (though, they will have to be downloaded from another computer and copied to some removable media, then installed on your own terminal).

If you want to know exactly what equipment is installed correctly and works, you can use the "Device Manager" (the modem should not be marked in yellow).

Automatic disk configuration

How to connect the modem "Rostelecom" and install the drivers, figured out. At least at these stages no difficulties should arise. Now proceed to setup.

The simplest and right way is to use the disc in the bundle. After inserting it into the drive, the system will launch the corresponding "Hardware Setup Wizard", during which the user will only have to follow his prompts and instructions. Again, if such a disk is missing for some reason, you can simply download the "Master" from the Internet, and then run it yourself.

Manual modem configuration: preliminary actions

However, the situation is unforeseen. Suppose that the user who figured out how to connect the modem "Rostelecom", and went to the configuration stage, there is no disk, no less than going online to download the automatic configuration program. In this case, you will have to enter the parameters manually using the web interface of the modem.

Access to it is carried out from any browser available in the system, where the combination is entered in the address bar. After that, a standard login and password will be requested, which are indicated on the nameplate on the back of the device. Usually, both for login and password, use admin. If, for some reason, the modem gives an error, you can reset it with the standard long press of the Reset button.

Setting Internet parameters for the D-Link 2640U model

Finally, we came close to a practical solution to the problem of how to set up the Rostelecom modem. As an example, consider the web interface of the D-Link 2640U modem.

Immediately set the PPPoE value for the connection type, which, in comparison with the Bridge method, looks more preferable, because it can access the Internet via Wi-Fi even when the computer is turned off.

Next, you need to manually write the VPI and PCI parameter values corresponding to the region in which the user is located. For example, for Moscow, this is 0 and 35, for the regions of the Volga region - 0 and 33, etc. These data are set automatically, but should be specified in the contract. Also, they can be specified from the provider in the support service.

After that, the user name and password of PPP are registered (again, specified in the contract), then the Keep Alive checkbox is checked.

Now for LCP-dips set to 2, 35 for LCP-intervals, and the IGMP item is activated by ticking. After that it remains only to save the changes and restart the computer terminal.

Setting up a wireless connection

Now let's see how the WiFi debugging is done when configuring the modem. To do this, you need to log in to the web interface and use the Wireless section.

First, in the Authentication Type section, WPAPSK is set as the primary parameter, and AES is selected for encryption (Encryption). The SSID field corresponds to the network name (it can be changed arbitrarily).

In the password line of the Pre-shared Key access, you must specify your own combination, which is desirable to remember, even better - save in the electronic or printed version.

After these steps are completed, go to the Maintenance tab and then to Firmware. When you click the browse button, you need to find the configuration file for the configuration settings for ready-made add-ons, which must be saved on the hard disk. As a rule, it is called romfile.cfg. Save the changes. This completes the configuration.

Steps to configure the modem TP-Link

If we talk about the devices of the TP-Link series, then there is nothing particularly complicated in the installation parameters.

In the browser, the same address, login and password are entered, after which it will be necessary to go to the Quick Start section, in which a special "Setup Wizard" is activated. Then follow its instructions: set the correct time zone, select the PPPoE / PPPoA mode for the router, then set the VCI and VPI values and fill in the login and password fields for Internet access. At the end of these actions, we save the changes and enjoy.

Conclusion and recommendations

Here, in fact, and all that concerns the resolution of the question of how to set up the modem of Rostelecom. As can be seen from all of the above, nothing particularly complicated and incomprehensible in this. The problem can arise unless only those users who do not know English.

As for recommendations, in principle, the most basic thing that can be advised is the installation of the PPPoE mode, not Bridge. "Bridge", despite the splitter installed in the connection scheme, can block access to the Internet when the computer is turned off, and this, in turn, causes a lot of inconvenience. In addition, you need to be especially careful when entering a fictitious password for accessing Wi-Fi (although, if you understand, if you lose it, you can easily go to the settings of the router / modem and change it).

And if you summarize all of the above, you can confidently say that any more or less literate user (even the initial level of training), following the instructions given, will be able to configure the modem and organize an Internet connection quite simply. As they say, there would be a desire.

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