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Films about the Apocalypse: a list of the best, description, stories and reviews

The varied scenarios for the development of the Apocalypse have recently been increasingly presented to the viewer's court by cinematographers of all ranks, and their work is breaking box office records. There are a lot of theories explaining why a man in the street likes films about the Apocalypse. The list of the best pictures of this thematic focus contains the tapes of different directors, but their rating is invariably high.

Psychological discharge

One of the theories explaining the attractiveness of the end-of-the-world screen display is that people are going to look at the global catastrophe and its consequences in order to make sure of their ability to survive and sustain everything. Many Hollywood filmmakers working with this sub-genre claim that their work helps the viewer relax, providing psychological relief. This task is set by the filmmakers, making films about the Apocalypse. List of the best 2013-2014. This trend is followed. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that individual films demonstrate the processes taking place in modern society.

The zombie apocalypse

For example, scenes with crowds of zombies are a projection of fears and fears of the public as to what is happening in the world. That's such serious questions raise films about the zombie apocalypse. The list of the best opens the enchanting horror "War of the Worlds Z" (2013). Director-director Marc Forster made a project that is close and interesting not only to the fans of the genre, but to philosophers, psychologists and sociologists, - a movie about the zombie apocalypse. States one by one surrender to armadas of aggressive creatures, whose purpose is bite and contamination of others. Survivors are trying to find a cure for a pandemic. It seems that everything is standard, not to say - trite, but as the reviews say, the film is a film protest against the arrogance of mankind, its desire for pernicious perfectionism. This sometimes strange, sometimes spooky, and somewhere unexpectedly ironic blockbuster will soon be replenished with the sequel "War of the Worlds Z 2". Do not sink into oblivion films about the Apocalypse. The list of the best is replenished every year.

The opposite of the successful "War of the Worlds Z" can be called the film "Reporting: Apocalypse" (2014). The author with a capital letter, director and screenwriter Jaume Balaguero, who worked on the first two parts, developing a unique direction in the horror genre, clearly overestimated himself in this picture. It happens, and this is the moviegoers, making films about the zombie apocalypse. The list of the best works of Balaguero will not lead, but in its composition still enter. The viewers' comments called the 4th part an ugly banal horror film, lapped from the "Resident Evil". And the film critics rated the project as a standard "zombie apocalypse."

Fashion on zombies

Strange thing, because half a century ago, only those fans of pictures of category "B" or avid connoisseurs of cinema knew about who such zombies were. Now there is a real zombie-hysteria - the revived dead have firmly established themselves in the cinema. Over the past 30 years, films about the zombie apocalypse have been regularly filmed. The list of the best would be incomplete without cult films: "28 days later" (2002) and "Welcome to Zombieland" (2009).

But recently, the tape about zombies began to give way to the priority of mystical thrillers with the participation of spirits and ghosts of different levels. Only two pictures deserve the viewer's attention in the category "New movies about the zombie apocalypse". The list of the best in 2014 is small: it is "Resident Evil 6" and "Scouts against zombies".

Fruitful 2013-2014

The best films about the Apocalypse (the list will continue the pictures released in 2013-2014), it seems, will soon answer all the existential questions of mankind. Many of them were removed during the period of aggravation of the political situation in the world and the potential threat of a nuclear catastrophe.

For example, the tape "Philosophers" (2013). John Huddles, speaking in the project as a director, scriptwriter and co-producer, presented a controversial picture to the audience of the public. According to the story, her heroes - 20 senior pupils and teacher-examiner of philosophy - played the scenario of the nuclear Apocalypse that took place . The ideological and philosophical concept, which is the basis of the picture, will repeatedly check the moral imperative and moral principles with logic, pushing ethical norms with the pragmatism of survival, as the reviews of cinema critics characterize cinema. In this format, films about Apocalypse are rarely made. The list of the best is a wonderful proof of that.

Groundhog Day and Alien Invasion

Next is the film "The Face of the Future" (2014). Director Doug Lyman, enlisting the support of an impressive group of script writers, combined in his project two classic components - "groundhog day" and alien invasion. The mix was perfect. Not only that, he restarted Tom Cruise's career, the film made a grand step towards computer games - in fact, not in style (autosave function). The picture is so compressed that the viewer does not have the ability to translate the spirit. Comments on Laiman's work are written mostly in a positive way, which is not all the films about the Apocalypse are honored. List of the best 2014-2015. The picture contains those that were smashed by experts, but approved by the audience ("Earth Apocalypse" 2015, "Extinction" 2015, "The threat of death" 2015).

Consider the "Pacific border" (2013). The fantastic blockbuster of Guillermo del Toro is a pure water entertainment spectacle with an understandable morale, first-class attraction. In terms of entertainment, he surpassed all large-budget blockbusters of 2013, while critics note that the creators were rather gentle with the feelings and nerves of the audience (in terms of the number of human victims). Del Toro did not just play with the various monsters that invaded the planet, but also revealed the characteristics and motivations of the characters.

Policy Polarization

Film critics suggest that the processes of globalization and the polarization of politics have a direct impact on the subjects on which films about the Apocalypse are made. The list of the best (2013-2015) paintings to some extent realize the fantasies of representatives of different sides who dream of destroying an opponent. Simply sometimes, as rivals, filmmakers use aliens or zombie armies. But this trend is more pronounced in the paintings of a later period: The Sea Battle (2012), The Avengers (2012), The Extraterrestrial Invasion: The Battle for Los Angeles (2011), Skyline ( 2010), "Independence Day" (1996), "Battlefield - Earth" (2000), "War of the Worlds" (2005) and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (2008). Fears of mankind and political tendencies actively exaggerate all the above films about the Apocalypse. The list of the best can be continued indefinitely.

The economic factor

Not only human fears and political tendencies raise the demand for films with an apocalyptic plot. A certain role is played by the economic factor. Manufacturers have long ceased to adhere to the orientation only on the domestic market, everyone is eager to enter the world market. For this purpose, projects that are ideally suited for export are selected. Most often these are films about the Apocalypse with bright special effects and exciting, exciting scenes that are understandable in any part of the world in any language. An example, besides those listed above, can serve as pictures: "I am looking for a friend at the end of the world" (2012), "Melancholy" (2011), "Infection" (2011), "Carriers" (2009) "The phenomenon" (2008), "Blindness" (2008) and "I am a legend" (2007).

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