How to develop the child's creative abilities

Abilities are a psychic feature of a person, due to which he can successfully master this or that knowledge and skills. This quality does not affect the very skill, but manifests itself in the speed and ease of acquiring certain skills. Creative abilities can manifest themselves in various fields of activity. They allow you to create something new that did not exist before.

In addition to the biological basis of such qualities, among which innate anatomical and physiological features, there is a social one, that is, the environment should stimulate their development. Thus, the creative abilities of the child are determined by the following parameters.

Firstly, it is the presence of necessary makings and predispositions. In addition, it is necessary to have a motivation to engage in any activity. At the same time, the decisive factor is social circumstances. That is, if parents, teachers, or other adults surrounding the child have noticed early the creative productivity of the child in any activity and have begun to deal with it in this direction, then there is more chance that it will succeed in the future than if the process is neglected.

In the works of psychologist Torrens, who created a system for measuring creative abilities, one often finds arguments about the fact that it is the family and school that influence the development or destruction of the creative potential of the child. Often gifted children experience problems in communicating with peers, since not every group accepts deviations from general behavior or thinking. There are several techniques that can help the adaptation of talented individuals in the team.

First, it is necessary to teach a child to voice his ideas available to others, so that society perceives them as a contribution that serves their own needs. Remarks to others need to try to speak kindly.

Secondly, talented children should show that they support ideas, principles and ideals that are respected in this collective. It is necessary to teach the child to concentrate on the performance of a certain task, and not to be dispersed to "persons" and achieving a certain status.

These techniques will help both adults and children resolve conflicts, while remaining independent, but also taking into account the interests of the group.

The development of the creative abilities of students largely depends on the personality of the teacher. Stimulating in his student any quality, he must own them. The competent person adequately perceives new ideas and experiences the joy of his victories, which shows the child a convincing example.

The development of the creative abilities of children depends on a number of conditions. Therefore, in working with gifted babies, the following recommendations should be adhered to.

It is important to create a cozy and safe psychological atmosphere. It is necessary not only to support the child in his endeavors, but also to show sympathy for his failures. It is better to avoid any negative feedback about the work of the baby. Adults need to help the child, if he is disappointed or doubtful - the feelings that will necessarily meet in the process of creative search. It is recommended to teach children to find a reward in themselves and less to worry about because they do not recognize their achievements by others.

Creative abilities must be maintained, creating the most favorable atmosphere for this. You can advise the individuals who possess them to become "reasonable adventurers," that is, sometimes rely on discoveries only on their intuition, despite the risk.

Adult - parents and teachers - you need to know that creativity in some way or other is inherent in most children. But the extent to which they will be developed, whether they can later benefit, depends on the environment of the baby.

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