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Simplicol - paint for clothing: characteristics, application features

Today, if you need to dye your clothes, you do not need to ask for help from specialists. Refresh the material, satiating its hue, you can at home. The optimal solution here is Simplicol - a paint for clothes that does not harm either the fabric or the washing machine.


Simplicol - a paint for clothes, which is suitable for the processing of cotton fabrics, viscose, linen, textiles. The product is used for the purpose of coloring materials in a washing machine.

Compared with other common products of this purpose, the clothing paint Simplicol allows you to fix the color in one step. This is facilitated by the presence of a special fixing component in the composition.

How safe is Simplicol? Paint for clothing from the manufacturer does not irritate the skin. Painted clothing does not shed. Absolutely harmless components in the composition of the means for the washing machine. Remains of paint are completely rinsed off during rinsing, without lingering on the surfaces.

Color palette

Paint for clothes Simplicol allows you to give the materials the following shades:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • The black.
  • Burgundy.
  • Yellow.
  • Dark green.
  • Orange.


Currently, several types of Simplicol paints are on the market:

  1. For mixed and natural materials - stains viscose, linen and cotton threads, leaving synthetic garments untouched. Staining is performed in warm water with a temperature of at least 40 o C.
  2. For silk, coarse wool and polyamide - gives a rich shade of materials only when performing the procedure in hot water, the temperature of which is not less than 60 ° C. By resorting to the use of paints of this category, you can easily restore the color and return to life an old cardigan, jacket, shirt Or blouse.
  3. Paints for underwear made of nylon or perlon. The intensity of the coloration here directly depends on the temperature of the water. When processing things in hot water, the materials become extremely juicy. On the contrary, when painted in cool water a thing of red color can be saturated with gently pink tones.

Application Features

How to use the Simplicol brand correctly? Paint for clothing and fabrics is applied to clean things that do not contain stains. Additionally, you do not need to add rinse aid or detergent.

Before proceeding directly to the procedure, the composition of the material to be stained should be determined. For this, it is necessary to study the label placed on the clothing.

When preparing for painting, the thing is turned inside out, after which it is placed in the washing machine. Scissors carefully trimmed the top edge of the package with a toning substance. The package with the product is placed in the washing machine over the painted product. Pour paint out of the package is not recommended.

A suitable washing temperature is set. To determine the optimal parameter, it is worth using the information indicated on all the same clothing label. Then select a standard washing mode, which does not require special care for the tissues, after which the washing machine is started.

In conclusion, it remains only to wait for the completion of the program with a full rinse and spin cycle. To fix the shade, just add a small amount of washing powder into the machine and repeat the washing.


Simplicol is a paint for dyeing clothes that is not suitable for processing the following materials:

  1. Synthetic fabrics: polyamide, polyester, polyacryl.
  2. Fabrics based on microfiber.
  3. Products made of textiles with filler in the form of natural fluff.
  4. Fabrics, unfit for washing, in particular materials with polyurethane coating.
  5. Textile products, the surface of which contains strong abrasions.


The standard packaging of the substance is sufficient to produce a saturated color when staining 600 g of tissue. To get the most intense tones when processing more than 1.5 kg of material, it is recommended to use 3 packages of paint.

When using the tool, all sorts of experiments are allowed. So, using a smaller amount of paint than required by the instruction, you can get unsaturated colors.

During the procedure, it is worth paying attention to the presence on the clothing of metal elements: all kinds of rivets, fasteners, zippers, etc. The areas around the latter can not be painted even if an abundant amount of material is used.


What are the advantages of the products of the brand Simplicol? Such a paint for dyeing clothes is ideal for changing the tone of white things. A top-notch product from a German manufacturer is absolutely harmless for fabrics. Clothing colored with the use of a substance does not shed and does not burn out when you subsequently wear, clean and care.

The paint manufacturer guarantees 100% color stability to the consumer. This advantage is confirmed by numerous consumers who have already used the facility.


Today, Simplicol, a black paint for coloring clothes, is in great demand. And this is not surprising, because classic shades never go out of fashion. At the same time, the manufacturer offers a wide range of products for the consumer's choice, which allows the coloring of clothes in a variety of shades.

With the help of paints for clothes of this brand, you can easily restore your favorite jeans or radically change the color of light fabric. This will require only a standard package of dye and an ordinary washing machine.

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