Cast iron pan: reviews of the best producers

Manufacturers of kitchen utensils are willing to use new technological solutions, allowing housewives to cope more efficiently with culinary operations. Although this progress mainly covers instruments and equipment, the performance of the dishes is also growing quite actively. What is just the appearance of new coatings that facilitate the cooking process! The demand for traditional kitchen accessories continues, which is confirmed by the example of a cast-iron frying pan. The production of such dishes is distinguished by a combination of classical manufacturing methods and the application of the latest technologies. In both cases, cast iron products are endowed with unique properties that are suitable for certain actions. Also, do not forget about the company's approaches to the development of utensils, which have always been valued in the production of kitchen accessories.

What are the features of cast-iron dishes?

Cast iron differs by slow incandescence, which in the future allows it to distribute heat evenly throughout the working surface. This quality determines the specificity of the use of this glassware. The best cast iron frying pan copes with hot pancakes, cooking pilaf, stew, as well as dishes that require long languor. The ability to balance heat accumulation allows not only to evenly extinguish meat, vegetables and cereals, but also to endow the final product with an exquisite aroma.

Separate attention deserves the characteristics of reliability. Cast iron is known as a practical material, but this quality is not so easy to achieve. The housewife requires special preparatory operations. With proper maintenance, the dishes will last for years and even decades. High durability, for example, demonstrates the cast-iron frying pan "Biol", presented in the market in different sizes. But to maintain it, you need proper care.

Varieties of frying pans made of cast iron

Manufacturers offer three types of frying pans - traditional, with enamel treatment and non-stick. The first variant can not be called the most convenient in operation, but the user of such a frying pan can count on the ecological compatibility of the finished product. This is a common dish, which has not been pre-treated with protective coatings. In some cases, an enameled cast-iron frying pan can be the best solution, the reviews of which indicate ease of maintenance and preparation. Among the main advantages of such models is also the resistance to corrosion. Quite attractive is the option with a non-stick coating. Indeed, the presence of a protective layer eliminates unnecessary hassle in the preparation and cleaning of dishes, but the additional processing of conventional cast iron reduces its original quality in the form of wear resistance and durability.

Comments about Biol models

Already noted the advantages of this dish, which are confirmed by user feedback. The Ukrainian manufacturer produces inexpensive and reliable models, characterized by a long service life. Above all, the cast-iron frying pan "Biol" is highly valued without special coatings with a wooden handle. According to the owners, with such dishes, delicious and beautiful pancakes are obtained, as well as other dishes that are environmentally friendly and safe for health. If we talk about more technological pans, then many housewives recommend buying products with non-stick coating, but warn against buying ceramic modifications.

Reviews about models "Seaton"

Dnepropetrovsk enterprise is also famous for its high-quality products, which are devoid of many shortcomings of modern glassware. For example, cast iron frying pan "Seaton" provides the effect of non-stick coating without special treatment. This feature provides technologists with utensils in the process of thermal exposure. Users note that cooking on such frying pans is realized without the risk of sticking food. In the future, the surface is easy to clean.

It is important to note that over time, additional protective layers lose their original properties. In turn, cast iron frying pan "Seaton" for many years retains its natural structure, which, again, is confirmed by the owners of this cookware.

Reviews about models «Neva Metal Tableware»

Concerning this product, on the contrary, users note the high technical and operational qualities of models with non-stick coating. The stability of this layer is noted, as well as the effectiveness of its function during cooking. I must say that with time, and this coating comes off, but this process does not affect the quality of cooking. The most positive responses are polymer-ceramic and metal-polymer coatings, which are supplied with cast iron frying pan. The reviews emphasize that with this addition, the dishes repel products, not allowing them to stick to the work surface. As the producer himself notes, even during cooking on such a frying pan the housewife can use metal appliances - mechanical effects do not destroy the integrity of the non-stick coating.

Comments about Tefal models

The opinions of users of French dishes are generally positive. Tefal was the first to introduce a fashion for non-stick coatings and today produces the most successful models of this type. Many praise the manufacturer and for a clear segmentation of the category in which the cast iron frying pan is presented. Reviews distinguish from a common number of pancake models that allow you to maintain the optimal taste of the product. With regard to negative feedback, they relate to the high price tag and the characteristics of models with ceramic coating. Tefal developers can not hold leading positions in other segments - enamel models of this brand, for example, are also not popular.

Comments about Rondell models

The German company also refers to the oldest manufacturers of kitchen utensils. Although today the factory facilities of Rondell are not in Germany, but in China, the manufactured dishes still deserve the trust of many housewives. First of all, the fused cast iron frying pan enjoys popularity, the reviews are emphasized by the reliability of the dishes and the high level of heat conductivity. Optimum results of preparation are achieved due to technology of punching of the triple bottom. As a result, users note the mechanical stability of the surface, the hygienic safety of materials, as well as the durability of products. By the way, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for 25 years.

How to choose the best model?

The choice is made by several criteria, including the size, the availability of additional accessories, the characteristics of the handle, etc. It is important to consider that the use of a cast-iron frying pan provides the patience of the cook. Warming up is slow, so it is possible that a large number of intermediate operations are performed. Accordingly, the dishes should have a comfortable handle - preferably prefer wooden removable type, as the plastic is not perfect in terms of environmental cleanliness. As for the dimensions, their choice is almost unlimited - both diagonally and in depth with the thickness of the products. A win-win method for choosing this criterion is to focus on frying panes for the intended purpose.

Nuances of serving cast iron pans

In terms of care, this is one of the most demanding items of kitchen utensils. Particularly important is the question of how to clean a cast-iron frying pan immediately after purchase. This operation consists of several parts. First you need to rid the surface of the product from the solidol. For this it is sufficient to wipe the frying pan with a sponge with warm water. Next, you should roast the frying pan until the color of the surface changes from black to gray.

The most important stage in preparing dishes for first use is roasting with salt. Perform this procedure on a slow fire until large crystals begin to shoot. Care is required even after using the product. The question of how to clean a cast-iron frying pan after extinguishing or frying is fairly simple and involves only one restriction. It is not recommended to use detergents that can damage the natural protection of the metal. Again, it is advisable to resort to a regular sponge and warm water - with their help you can save a frying pan from many contaminants.

How to burn a cast-iron frying pan?

By and large the operation of roasting with salt can be related to calcination. But the meaning of this procedure is to form a protective film on the working surface of the dishes, and this is achieved only through oil or fat. Having prepared these components, you should think about the thermal effects. The question of how to heat a cast-iron frying pan, in most cases involves an answer with a classical scheme of performing the operation on the stove. It is enough to pour the oil and leave the dishes on a slow fire for 15 minutes. But there is an alternative, which may be even more productive. It involves the use of an oven. The working surface of the frying pan is impregnated with fat, after which it should be placed for 40 minutes in the oven and heated until a natural protective coating is formed.


The cookware made of cast iron for a number of qualities wins against similar items of kitchen utensils made of other materials. This metal, along with high strength values, gives the food special taste characteristics, which is also appreciated by culinary experts. As for specific products, Russian cast iron frying pans of high quality, and technological foreign models can be found on the market. In the segment of domestic products, the most successful use of dishes in the traditional version, and European pans are mostly represented by versions with proprietary protective coatings. At the same time in the line of each manufacturer, you can find special series for the preparation of pancakes, meat and vegetable quenching, as well as universal frying pans for different needs.

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