Tourist clamshell - an excellent choice for a comfortable holiday in nature

A tourist clamshell is an indispensable assistant in hiking or traveling, which increases comfort and gives pleasure to rest. It is very pleasant to breathe fresh air and not to lie on bare ground, to get rid of the need to inflate mattresses, constantly deflated and prone to frequent punctures.

What should I look for when choosing?

To meet the requirements for a place to rest, you need to competently approach the choice of a clamshell. First of all, the accent is required on overall dimensions, compactness in the assembled state, ease of installation and quality of the structure as a whole. If the location is planned in the tent, then it is necessary to calculate whether it will fit completely inside.

A tourist clamshell is a kind of bed with light weight and carrying capacity. The device is equipped with a frame that folds, simplifying transport and storage. Forms can be chosen any, depending on individual preferences. Models differ among themselves by different weight and design characteristics, as well as cost. Every lover of the camping can choose the option to your taste.

Purpose and main features

A clamshell can be used in combination with a mattress or sleeping bag. The marble product has a negligible weight, the pipes are the base of the frame, made of aluminum. The material provides the structure with sufficient strength. A tourist clamshell with its own hands is made at home with the use of steel. However, it is worth considering that the weight will increase quite a lot.

In most cases, all trips outside the city are carried out by car, but this does not mean that you can take as many things as you want. In nature, only the most necessary is required, everything else is often taken back without use. There is an option to purchase a plastic product, but in recent years, demand for it has dropped significantly, consumers prefer metal.

Characteristics of a clamshell

The most popular sizes, optimal for installation in the tent, is 190 by 65 by 43 cm. This clamshell can withstand up to 200 kg of load. Most models do not have a significant width, since it is assumed that the hikes are designed for people of athletic build. Convenience is an integral element of recreation both in the forest and on the wild beach, and fully provides the maximum comfort for the tourist's clamshell. The photo below shows the average model, which can be purchased at any specialized store.

The product is an excellent protection against earthen cold. Sleep on the ground can cause severe hypothermia, which will lead to unpleasant consequences. The clamshell eliminates such a problem, it is easy to transport, since in folded form it is a shrouded tube. Visually resembles a miniature version of the tent: there is a handle for comfortable socks, pockets, zippers. Cloth - cloak, resistant to insignificant dirt, easily rubs off stains and quickly dried.

Useful Tips for Choosing and Installing

Today the market in a wide range of models are made of nylon laminated with a waterproof surface. This is a very convenient option for long hikes with unfavorable weather conditions. The assembly must begin with the passing of elongated arcs into the holes along the edges of the cover. Then short arcs are connected, after which they must be inserted into the round legs.

In order to easily learn how to build a design, you need to do assembly steps several times. In order to stiffen the center, cross-shaped additional arcs of short size are installed. Touring clamshell will have a weight less (about 300-400 grams) if you remove all unnecessary struts. In cases where the tourist plans to take two models at once, you must first check whether there will be enough for this place in the tent. If it is clearly not enough, the clamshell is installed directly under the tent, but for this it is required to correctly insert the pegs into the ground.

User Reviews

There are models XXL, popular with experienced travelers, for whom it is important to spend time not only with benefit, but also with comfort, which is more provided by a tourist's clamshell. Reviews of this variety are only positive: high strength, comfortable height and ability to withstand weight up to 300 kg are noted. Users note that it can accommodate a very tall man. The design is packed in a bag, which is tightened tightly with laces. This guarantees convenience in transportation and storage. In order to properly install the clamshell, you should read the detailed instructions that come with the kit.

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