What can be covered on a corner sofa

When a new sofa appears in the house, you always want to keep its appearance as long as possible. But this soft construction, like all the rest of the furniture, loses its original appearance after a while. If the house has small children, it will happen much earlier. To soft furniture for a long time pleased with its beautiful view, you must take care of it in advance.

In this case, the exit may consist in the acquisition or sewing of a beautiful veil on the corner sofa. It is sometimes difficult to buy ready-made textiles, since its parameters do not always correspond to what you want. Therefore, more often such coverlets are sewn to order in the atelier or by the mistress of the house. As the corner sofa can have the most non-standard form, it is necessary to create a pattern step by step, carefully measuring each corner of it. And here it is necessary to choose what to sew. You can try to make a blanket from a single piece of fabric that will exactly simulate the shape of the furniture. But it is best to sew the capes on the corner sofa for each part separately. So you can avoid the endless "slipping" of the fabric. The cloak, which exactly matches all the parameters of the furniture, will sit on it perfectly.

Undoubtedly, the stylish bedspreads on the corner sofa look better, but it's difficult to sew them, and then it's not easier to wash. Yes, and make a veil, which is suitable for any transformation of the sofa, it is impossible. In this case, instead of the cover, it is desirable to use covers that are sewn on each element of the sofa (on each pillow) separately. Such cases are convenient because you can sew several sets on one sofa and with their help periodically change the interior of the room. And if one of the covers becomes soiled, then it is easier to wash it than the whole blanket.

The bedspreads are made on the corner sofa according to some rules and recommendations. Let's try to get acquainted with them. It is first necessary to decide which product will be sewn. The easiest way, of course, is to make separate cloaks for each component of the sofa. And for the integrity of the product, two canvases are connected at an angle of 45 degrees. We measure those parts of the sofa that need to be protected, and we make a pattern taking into account allowances for seams. Then we transfer our sketch directly to the matter and cut out the future product. We sew both canvases (not forgetting to process the edges of the seam), we make the curtains of the curtains on the corner sofa. So that the fabric does not slip off the sofa, you can flex the elastic into the fold. The finished product is carefully ironed and steamed all the seams. If the fabric from which the bedspread was sewn remained, then it is possible to make out of it covers for decorative pillows, which will act as a supplement to the general image of upholstered furniture.

Of course, it is good to cover one blanket if the sofa is not used as a sleeping place at night. In case he folds every day, a homemade cape can be replaced by a simple blanket. It can also be used as a blanket.

If you bought a corner sofa in the kitchen, then the material used to sew the bedspread should be as tight and at the same time unpretentious. After all, spots (especially greasy) are constant companions of any feast.

In addition to making bedspreads, needlewomen can tie an exclusive cape with their own hands. In this case, you can give vent to fantasy. For such a case, it is best to use a hook, since the canvases made by him have no property to stretch.

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