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Winter fishing rod with your own hands. How to make a self-made winter fishing rod

All lovers of ice fishing know that a winter fishing rod is a special tackle, on the quality of which the result of fishing entirely depends. Despite the fact that there are many different appliances for sale in the cold season, many people prefer to do it themselves. So, a winter fishing rod, made by hand, can provide a good catch.

Features of ice fishing

Everyone understands that winter fishing differs significantly from summer fishing. So, fishing for a winter fishing rod is carried out through the hole, drilled in the ice. As a rule, its diameter is not very large, so the tackle itself should be small in size. Homemade winter fishing rods are a short bit with attached fishing line and bait. Until recently, in the villages they were made of juniper sticks, wrapped with reeds. Horse for them served as horsehair. How is the modern winter fishing rod done? With his hands, this tackle will be able to make almost any experienced fisherman.

The main types of fishing rods for ice fishing

As a rule, all winter fishing rods differ from each other, depending on the baits used and the type of fish. Experienced anglers share these self-made tackles in 3 main types:

  • For fishing on mormyshku;
  • Float;
  • For catching a balancer and trolling.

Fishing rod for fishing on mormyshku

This type of winter gear is the smallest. This fishing rod is used for catching small fish. It should be comfortable and easy, because it must always be kept in your hand. When fishing on mormyshku fisherman must constantly "play" with the bait, moving the fishing rod. If the six is heavy, and the handle cold (made of plastic), a person will quickly get tired and freeze the hand. As a bait is used a small mormyshka (the size of a match head). The most convenient are "balalaikas" - winter fishing rods with a closed coil of small diameter instead of the handle. It is for her that they keep this tackle. The best material for the body of the coil is a cork or a strong foam. A long whip for this fishing rod is not needed, since the fisherman's hand is almost always above the hole. The nod acts as a bite warning. It is he who gives movement to the mormish. Continually sinking and rising, he forces her to "play" in the water. The nod causes the fish to bite. Some people prefer a fishing rod with an elongated handle for snapping.

Floating rod

This kind of winter gear is the simplest. In appearance, it resembles a summer rod in miniature. This tackle does not need to be kept in your hands all the time. Most often it is located at the edge of the hole. Sometimes anglers use several fishing rods at the same time and carefully observe the movement of the floats, waiting for the bite. During fishing, it is necessary to periodically check the nozzles and clean the hole from the newly formed ice. For fishing of medium-sized fish, the most suitable is a winter fishing rod. With your own hands it can be done according to the old "grandfather" method. Such bits are called "fillets", as they have a stable small base (handle) made of birch, convenient for girth by hand. It resembles the hull of children's toys in the form of a horse. It inserts a short six. It can be removable or built in tightly. The main thing in such a fishing rod is that the base should be larger in size than the diameter of the hole. Instead of wood for the manufacture of a handle, you can use a durable foam.

Floating winter fishing rod can be made from other materials (plastics, cork). The main thing is that a strong six has a stable and reliable stand, and during the bite you could quickly grab her hand in a mitten.

Many novice anglers do not know how to equip a winter fishing rod with a float. In fact, homemade bits may not be equipped with a coil.

For successful catching a simple motoviltsa will be enough, because with such winter fishing, the holes are not changed often and there is no need to wind the line long and often.

Rod for fishing on the balancer and bait

What is such a winter fishing rod? It will be more difficult to make with your own hands than the previous two, because it has a more complex construction. It is designed for catching large and predatory fish. Since in winter such specimens are at great depth, this fishing rod is equipped with a motoviller or coil for winding a long and thick line. When fishing predatory and large fish often have to navigate the ice in search of prey. In this case, the person has to repeatedly reel and unwind the line on the rod. This causes a fairly large coil size, because with it you can quickly collect the tackle and move to another location. The six should be elastic and strong, so that it can not be broken by a strong and large fish. Also, it must provide a vigorous and quick cut.

Winter fishing rod on bream

Such a rod is a variation of the previous one. At the same time, such a tackle can be somewhat longer, because when fishing bream, many anglers prefer to stand, and not sit. Often such fishing rods are collapsible for easy transportation in a fishing box. The whip is most often inserted into the handle of the fishing rod.

Revisions from factory rods

Many anglers are confident that their homemade fishing rods are the easiest, comfortable and perfectly balanced. Some even manage to make "improved" fishing rods from the purchased fishing rods with a reel. To do this, they cut off the factory handle. From the hard foam, the body for the factory coil is ground. A whip is inserted into it. On the handle attached special motoviltse, with the help of which reel line when changing the hole. Such a marmail "balalaika" is more convenient.

Stemless fishing rod

This common fishing tackle is found most often. It is a rod with a plastic six, a coil, a nod and a handle. Some novice fishermen do not know how to assemble a winter fishing rod. The six is selected based on the type of fish that the person plans to catch. So, for small perches, a standard plastic six is suitable. Its flexibility plays an important role at shallow depths of the reservoir. The six should, due to the amortization and tension of the line, extinguish the fish jerks. In this case, the catch will be easier to vyvazhivat. When catching a large pike or pike perch pick up more rigid sixes, with which you can make a reliable cut.

A large coil with a convenient key brake allows you to change the depth of the fishing very quickly. It promotes trouble-free winding of the line. When fishing at constant depths (5-6 m) it is more convenient to fish with a fishing rod with a small reel. With short rods, manipulations are easier, but when fishing such fish as pike perch, the bite is very strong and sharp, so in that case it is better to use fishing rods with longer handles.

What is equipped with a fishing rod

You can do a lot with your own hands, but some of the accessories of the fishing rod still need to be purchased in specialized stores. So, for winter fishing you will need a fishing line (diameter 0.10-0.12 mm). It is better to choose more rigid products, because it has good tensile strength, is easier to clean from ice and less confused.

The nod for the winter fishing rod can be made of different materials, but the best is still considered to be a boar made of bristles. You can also make it from an X-ray film or a piece of nipple rubber (4-5 cm). A nip is passed through the nib, the length required for the fishing is measured. After that, he is put on top of a whip. The rubber line of the line is pressed against the whip and nods at the bowl. For different fish it is necessary to use different types of this equipment. So, for a perch choose a soft and short nod, and for bream or roach - elastic and long. The line through it must pass freely. The qualitative nod does not deform and does not break from impacts on the ice surface, does not change its elasticity at different air temperatures. Its sensitivity is normal, if it bends about 30 ° under the weight of the mormish. Insufficient bending indicates that it is too hard, and a strong bend will not provide the necessary game mormyshki.

The float is better to choose with a slot, because it is easily removed from the line. At the same time there is no need to bandage the nozzles. Lures (mormyshki, balancer, spoon-bait) are selected depending on the type and size of the fish.

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