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Mormyshki on bream in the winter. Catching bream in winter on mormyshka

Like most other carp fish, bream does not fall into anabiosis in winter, but continues to lead an active lifestyle. His activity, of course, is not as high as in the spring or summer, but still the need for protein makes this fish look for a suitable food. Therefore, with the establishment of fairly solid ice, you can safely go fishing for winter bream. Before you start preparing the gear, you need to find out how he behaves and where he lives at this time of year.

Where and when to catch bream in winter

At the very beginning of winter, when the air temperature does not exceed -10 0 С, on large reservoirs it is possible to search for bream at a depth of up to 5 m. The best places for fishing will be the changes in depths and edges. You can also try to drill holes in the vicinity of thickets of reeds or reeds - until the vegetation is rotten, the bream will stay close to it. At the onset of severe frosts, the fish will go to deeper places. Pits more than 5 m deep will become a shelter for the bream, before the ice disappears.

On small small bodies of water you need to determine the deepest places. Without another alternative, the bream will go wintering there.

The best time of day for winter fishing for this fish is morning and day. Of course, these conditions are effective only if the weather is good and stable. Rare periods of thaws also contribute to good biting.

The best tackle for winter bream fishing

In order to get a good catch, you need a proper tackle. For ice fishing on the bream, the usual winter fishing rod with a nod equipped with a mormik is successfully used. This universal device can be used for catching other fish, such as roach or perch. Catching bream in winter on mormyshka does not require special skills, so even a beginner will not remain without observing the basic rules of winter fishing without catch. It is important only to properly equip the winter fishing rod.

The design of a winter fishing rod for fishing bream on mormyshku

Tackle for winter fishing bream on mormyshka consists of such elements:

  • The alarm (a strong form 30-50 cm long, equipped with several transmission rings and a convenient handle with a fastener for the coil);
  • A medium-firmness nod of length 15-25 cm;
  • Coil for fishing line;
  • The line is 0.1-0.17 mm thick and about 20 m long;
  • Large bream mormyshka.

For fishing on bream, anglers often use a homemade nod from the clock spring. Its rigidity, with the correct length, provides the best signaling of the bite and self-clipping of the fish.

The line should be able to withstand 1-1.5 kg per break, otherwise the bream easily breaks it off the edge of the hole. If you plan to catch large fish, you can use a cord with a thickness of at least 0.12 mm.

The coil can be any, the main thing that it was reliable.

Mormyshki used for bait fishing

Experienced anglers say that winter mormyshchiki on bream should have three important characteristics: a large size, an oblong shape and a soft color. A large bait will ensure a quick descent to a significant depth and reduce the probability of pulling gear on the current.

The most effective in winter fishing bream are mormyshki such models:

  • "Uralka";
  • Inverted "uralka";
  • "Oatmeal";
  • "A droplet".

This is the most catchy mormyshki on bream in the winter, intended for use together with bait. Their shape and correct game allows you to catch this fish even in the period of deafness.

Each of these baits has its advantages. Catching bream in winter in the current and at great depth, for example, will be more effective when using "uralki". "Ovsinka" and "droplet" are more suitable for small specimens, and also when there is a possibility of barking a scrounger and other species of fish: roach, perch or ruff.

When choosing the color of the bait, it is better to give preference to black, gray, green and white. Too bright mormyshki on bream in winter do not use. Not natural for this time of year, the colors are alarming and discourage the fish.


On reservoirs with a rapid current can be used mormyshki-bezmotylki. This type of bait does not require additional use of bait. They are made in the form of insects or small water inhabitants, which are the natural food of fish. For reservoirs with rich fauna it is the best mormyshki on bream in the winter. The photos of these baits are presented below.

In addition, they are great for fishing on the current. The bait game created by the water flow simulates the natural behavior of an insect or crustacean.

Catching bream in winter on the current is very often carried out by such mormyshkami. There are several types:

  • "nymph";
  • "Devil";
  • "goat";
  • Flat mormyshka, etc.

Features of the construction of mormyshes on bream

When choosing a mormyshki, experts recommend paying attention to its shape and type of hook. Lures designed for bream have their own characteristics. First, the bream mormyshka must be teardrop-shaped, and secondly, the sting of its hook should be directed to the entrance point of the main line. This is all due to the peculiarities of the structure of the body and the way in which the bream is ingested. Other baits he can easily spit out, pricked on the sting.

Some anglers are sure that the most catchy mormyshki on bream in winter should be hollow. After all, with an excellent game they are able to cause not only hydrodynamic, but also special sound vibrations that attract fish. In addition, when they tap on the bottom, a certain sound is also created, which in most cases causes the bream to react.

Given the nature of this fish and its fastidiousness in food, it is better to have a set of different mormys. This will not significantly affect your financial situation, but will significantly increase the likelihood of returning home with a catch.

Bait during winter fishing bream on mormyshku

As already mentioned, some mormyshki on bream in winter are used together with baits of animal origin. Most often in their quality are applied:

Motyl is considered the most effective bait for winter fishing, and not only bream, but also other fish. However, in certain periods, its use may not bring the desired result. Then the fishermen go for a trick: either they use it with another kind of bait, or they plant a "sandwich" out of several different baits. The size of mormyshka on bream in winter should also depend on the type of nozzle. A bundle of butterflies or insect larvae should not completely cover the body of the bait. Their purpose is to make it more attractive and fragrant.


With regard to the need for complementary feeding, here the opinions of anglers diverge. Some believe that bait is needed, while others, on the contrary, claim that it will only interfere with other fish. But anyway, the superfluous knowledge of its composition and application will not prevent.

Feed holes or purchased mixtures for carp fish, or self-made on the basis of sunflower meal, breadcrumbs, rye flour. As a flavoring add sunflower, linseed or hemp oil. Any bait for bream in the winter should include additives of animal origin. Most often for these purposes, a stern or chopped bloodworm is used. Its constituent in the mixture should not be less than 10%.

For feeding, special plastic feeders with a load are used. They are lowered into the hole with the help of a fishing line and leave for the whole time fishing.

The tactics of catching bream on mormyshku

The holes are drilled perpendicular to the shore at a distance of at least 10-15 m from each other. In the supposed place of parking, they need to be done 3-5, after which to make feeding. After 15-20 minutes, you can start grinding the holes.

First, usually use large mormyshki. On bream in winter the greatest impression is produced by the size and color of the bait, and only then its smell. The first bait should be a bundle of bloodworms. If the bream is there, he will not miss the opportunity to profit. But besides the bait and bait, a huge role is played by the way of catching.

They catch bream in winter in two ways: at fixed mormyshka and at playing. The first method is that the baited bait is lowered to the bottom. The line should be stretched. The appliance is installed over the hole on the stand. During the bite, the nod is straightened, and the bait weight for the bream increases. Thus, self-clipping takes place.

When catching a playing mormyshku you can use the following techniques:

  • Lowering the tackle to the bottom, holding it for a few seconds, slowly lifting to a distance of 3-10 cm with a further repetition;
  • Lowering the mormish to the bottom, tapping (5-7 times), raising the tackle to a distance of 30-60 cm with small jerks;
  • Accelerated lifting mormyshki at a distance of 50-60 cm and a smooth lowering;
  • Low-amplitude loosening of the bait from side to side.

On water reservoirs with strong current game mormyshki bream can not feel. To attract fish, anglers often supplement the rig with a tap with a conventional hook. To the main line is attached a heavy mormyshka with bait, and above it (15-20 cm) on the main line is attached a leash 10-15 cm long, equipped with a hook with a nozzle. This solution increases the probability of biting twice. It turns out that we have a fixed mormyshka and a lure playing on the current.

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