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How to properly hook the worm on the hook: tips for beginners

Favorite summer occupation of many men, and some women is fishing. It not only calms the nerves, but also allows you to feel all the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding nature. Beginners have a lot of questions, including how to properly attach the worm to the hook. We will try to explain to you how to do this so that the catch will please you with its quantity.

Since the worm is the most common bait, it is often caught on it. With it, you can make various combinations of bait, adding, for example, corn or pearl barley. But still the question of how to properly attach the worm to the hook remains very common, especially among novice fishermen.

How to prepare worms

Experts in fishing business will never use the newly dug up creatures. Of course, if you know how to properly hook the worm on the hook, it's very good. But we still need to consider how to prepare the bait itself. For a start, worms should lie down at least a night, and preferably a couple of days. During this time their body will be cleansed, they will become more dense and red in structure, they will better sit on the hook and will not get their hands dirty. Englishmen from gray-brown worms can easily make the Reds. This happens as follows: two days they keep them in damp moss and then shift to dry, soaked in water and honey. All this is sprinkled with a red grated brick. Moving in all this mixture, the worms turn bright red. This coloring makes them more visible and attractive for fish.

How to put a worm on a hook

Worms are usually stringed on the hook from the head. This is done so that they completely cover the metal, but the tails must thus hang, moving freely. They will lure the fish. Since it's quite easy to plant a worm on a hook quite easily, even a beginner will cope with this process. However, sometimes there can be a problem. Fish take a worm badly or just eat a tail. In this case, it is recommended to plant the live bait with a pretzel.

It is also important to know which individuals you are going to catch, because you have to hook the worm to the hook so that the fish can grab it. For large residents of water bodies, it is necessary to string bait in this way. A bunch of worms are placed on the hook, while piercing them in the middle, and a sharp tip is hidden in the tail of the latter. You can also plant them like keys on a ring, piercing the heads. Greedy fish of large sizes are usually caught by double or even triple hooks.

By the way, the size of the fish directly depends on the appearance of the worm. For example, for roach simply red dung is simply unacceptable. Some still argue that worms from the store are better than river ones. In some ways, this is true, but still like the natural product of fish more. At the very process of planting, try to injure the bait as little as possible, because its mobility is the key to good biting.

The field of how you understood all the answers to yourself, you can safely start fishing, because fishing is a great pastime in peace and quiet, which we so lack in the city bustle.

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