Preparing the car for the winter: what to look for

From the end of autumn Russian motorists are massively beginning to prepare for the coming winter. Many experts recommend that this training be conducted on proven SRT, but if you do not have such a desire, you can do all the work yourself. Moreover, it takes a minimum of time to spend on this. In today's article, we will try to figure out how to prepare the car for the winter and what details should be paid attention.

Winter tires

First of all, you need to take care of the "re-shoe" of the car. To choose in shop there is from what, however except manufacturers it is necessary to be defined with type of rubber. At the moment there are two types of car tires - studded and so-called "Velcro". The first type is excellent on the icy roads, but it becomes useless on the cleared asphalt. Another thing "Velcro" - it provides the car with the maximum level of safety on both types of road surface. There is also a combined wheel (something between the first and second type of tires). In the Russian market, they are quite rare, in addition, their price range is several times higher than the cost of studded rubber. Therefore, the conclusion is only one: for residents of cities and megacities - "Velcro", for those who live outside the city - studded wheels.

Checking liquids

Further we check that we have left in the expansion tanks. If necessary, change the antifreeze and brake fluid. It should also be noted that the freezing point of the washer should not exceed a mark of minus 15 degrees Celsius.

Other Details

Preparation of the car for the winter is not complete without lubrication. The best option for automotive hinges and door locks is the universal WD-40 aerosol. Do not use machine oil for this purpose. Also take WD-40 aerosol in the salon for stock.

On the road there can be many surprises, so preparing a car for the winter is necessarily accompanied by the acquisition of a shovel for cleaning snow, as well as tools for removing frost on the front and side windows. Do not forget about the brushes with which you will clean the ice from the body.

Preparing a diesel car for winter

For vehicles working on diesel fuel, it is recommended to purchase a special agent "Antigel". It is added to the tank in order that the winter does not freeze the diesel oil. "Antigel", too, like the WD-40, it is better to buy in reserve. The fact is that in the case of sharp autumn cold snaps, Russian fuel stations are not always supplied with Russian fuel. At the gas stations, they still sell summer diesel, the freezing point of which is minus 10 degrees Celsius. At this stage, the preparation of the car for the winter is complete.

And finally a little advice to motorists. When the first frosts come, do not leave your car for a long time on the handle. This can lead to the fact that at the most crucial moment you can not move your car from the spot - the brake pads will simply freeze to the drum. Therefore, instead of the handbrake, use the first gear.

If you follow these tips, the preparation of a car for the winter will pass without any difficulties.

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