Grapes kishmish "century": a description of the variety and photo

Most varieties of green grapes are distinguished by excellent taste qualities. That's why they enjoy a really huge popularity with summer residents. ные сорта зеленого винограда. Especially good taste has kishmish varieties of green grapes. In recent decades, several have been derived. ишмиша "столетие". For example, gardeners often grow a very good grade to ishmisha "century".

How and where was the variety obtained

His American breeders brought him out. 6 г. Однако зарегистрирован кишмиш "столетие" к ак сорт был только в 80-м году . The work was carried out at the experimental station "Davis" and was practically completed already in 1966. However, the kishmish "century" was registered to a grade was only in the 80th year . Precisely because they brought it to the registers at the end of the century, it got that name. With the deduction of this grapes, specialists used such varieties as Gold and Q25-6.

General description

Refers to this grapes, as already mentioned, to the group of non-puffed. Its developers position it as a dining room. кишмиш "столетие". Powerful lush bushes - this is what, among other things, is distinguished by grapes kishmish "century". представленные в статье, хорошую силу этого сорта демонстрируют наглядно . The photos presented in the article demonstrate good power of this variety visually . винограда садоводы оценивают как среднюю. The yield of grapes is estimated by the gardeners as average. сорта созревают довольно-таки поздно. Grapes on the vines of this variety mature quite late. Collect the harvest of the "century" can be approximately in the first or second decade of September.

To diseases, according to many summer residents, this rather well tested and well-proven variety is quite stable. He practically does not become infected with fungus. However, preventive treatment of the vines of the "century" for summer residents is still worth doing (2-3 times per season).

This class belongs to the class of frost-resistant. But it can not withstand too low temperatures in the winter. And it will be more convenient to grow it for summer residents of rather warm southern regions of Russia. By the way, even in a relatively mild climate this variety requires shelter for the winter. The minimum temperature that it can withstand is -25 ° C.

Brushes of sort

ишмиш "столетие", как уже упоминалось, к столовым поздним сортам. Refers to ishmish "century", as already mentioned, to table late varieties. Brushes on the vines of this grapes ripen very large. Their average weight is 400 grams. Форму кисти описываемого сорта имеют классическую коническую. Some bunches can reach a mass of 700-1200 g. The brush shape of the described variety has a classical conical shape. The berries in the bunches are not too dense. On each bush of this grape brush grows quite a lot.

Berries varieties kishmish "century": a description

Brushes in this variety are large, but the berries themselves are quite small. They weigh only about 8-6 grams. The shape of the berries is oval or oval-elongated. And the color of the fruits of the "century" is light green with honey tinge.

The taste of berries of this variety in summer residents is only excellent reviews. The flesh of the fruit is very dense (even slightly crispy) and juicy. The taste is different from sweet and sour. Some summer residents note the fact that the berries of the "century" have, among other things, a pleasant taste of muscat.

The skin is rather dense, so the berries are good for transportability and are stored for a long time. Consider the advantages of the fruits of this variety and the fact that they do not crumble when overripe.

By the way, the thickness of the peel is small and it is eaten together with the pulp very easily.

The sugar content in fruits of this variety is not too high - 13%. That is, this grapes can be used, basically, just as a dining room. ишмиш "с толетие" не применяется. For the production of wine to ishmish "with the anniversary" is not applied. It turns out that these berries are not too tasty. But the raisins from the fruits of this variety are simply excellent.

Features of landing

растение достаточно урожайное и для дачников привлекательн ое. Thus, the described plant is quite yielding and attractive for villagers. ишмиш "столетие" (фото его больших, имеющих привлекательную форму и цвет ягод представлены в статье). Next, let's figure out how to properly plant and grow grapes to ishmish "century" (photo of its large, attractive shape and color of berries are presented in the article).

This variety is not too resistant to recurrent frosts. Therefore, it is recommended to land it on the site not earlier than the end of April or beginning of May. The pit for planting, since the root system of the grapes is developed just fine, it is supposed to do rather large - a minimum of 70 cm deep and 80 cm in diameter.

Place for the bush should be chosen solar. Too close the bushes to each other can not be placed. One of the characteristics of kishmish varieties is their love of space. Thickened plantings of the "century" will not yield too good yields.

Watering grapes

This sort of water requires a lot in the summer. Water it should be at least two times a week. In this case, one bush should be used, at least, one and a half ten-liter buckets of water. It is recommended, in addition to straws, or stubble for manure to reduce the loss of moisture.

It is believed that this variety, like most other sultry, reacts very well to drip irrigation. This is the way to moisten the beds under the bushes is recommended to use those cottagers who come to the plots only on weekends. And to overdry this grapes is highly not recommended.

Reduce the number of watering only from the middle of August. растрескивания ягод . At this time, excess water can cause cracking of berries . гу сте. However, it is not necessary to leave the bushes dry in August . увлажнять нужно, правда, только слегка. The soil under them should be moistened, however, only slightly.

How to fertilize

виноград кишмиш "столетие". Next, let's consider how to properly feed grapes kishmish "century". , представленные в статье, позволяют судить о нем, как о достаточно урожайном. Description, photos , presented in the article, you can judge about it, as a sufficiently productive. However, despite the fact that a lot of brushes grow on the vines of this variety, they do not require too much top dressing.

Moreover, an overabundance of fertilizers in a bed under this grapes may lead to a delay in its development. In the spring for the named grade it will be best to use organic. Vines can be fertilized, for example, with diluted water in a proportion of 1:10 with slurry. To make such top dressing it is desirable simultaneously with watering.

In the middle of summer the grapes "century" can be fertilized again. But nitrogen means, including organic substances, can not be used at this time. This can lead to the growth of grapes green mass and yield reduction. During the formation of brushes it is usually fertilized with calcium and phosphoric compounds.

It is believed that it will be very useful to sprinkle this grapes and stimulant "Ovary". Using this tool allows you to get in the hands of the "century" slightly larger berries. Spray the vine with a stimulant during flowering.

Pruning of bushes

Dachnikov grapes kishmish "century" reviews deserved excellent, including for a good strength of bushes. But it should be noted that the bunches of this variety are very heavy, so the load must be normalized by the trowels. For every escape, experienced summer residents recommend leaving no more than 1-2 grapes. The rest should be deleted. Grapes are pruned according to the technology provided for all kishmish varieties. That is, leave on the branch 8-12 kidneys.

Protection against fungus and other diseases

Spraying grapes "century", in order to prevent infection with fungal diseases, usually carried out using Bordeaux fluid 5%. This compound is used in the spring. In the summer, the vines can be processed with "Strobi" or "Ridomil Gold".

Sometimes described grapes, like any other variety of this garden culture, becomes infected with a spider mite. For the disposal of plants from this parasite, any vegetable insecticide is allowed.

Opinion of gardeners about the variety

In gardeners reviews of grapes kishmish "century" deserved, as we have said, are relatively good. ногие кишмишные сорта этой культуры имеют в ягодах рудименты семян. Thus, many kishmish varieties of this culture have rudiments of seeds in berries. And in hot weather, the latter even can significantly increase in size. Grapes "century" of this defect is completely devoid of. There are no rudiments in his fruits at all. That's why it is believed that it is just great for making raisins.

The flesh of the berries, in the opinion of the gardeners, is actually very tasty - not cloying and not too sour at the same time. In addition, the fruits, judging by the reviews of gardeners, absolutely do not smell like medicine, as often happens in foreign varieties. Another plus of grapes "century" is that the gardener does not need to rush to harvest. Brushes of this variety can hang on the vines, completely not showered, until the frost.

Instead of concluding

ловый виноград кишмиш "столетие". So, in this article, we found out what the hundred- year-old grapes of Kishmish are "century". The description of the variety, photo, hope, helped you to form an opinion on these berries. With respect to watering and low temperatures, these plants, as you can see, are rather whimsical. However, in all the rest the sultry "century" is absolutely undemanding. So, to refuse to purchase the above-mentioned vines for the southern region's summer residents is not, of course.

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