Self-made tractors - nothing difficult

Our country has always been famous for folk craftsmen, who from simple and accessible materials can make quite complex designs, for example, tractors. Of course, you will not be able to create ideal self-made tractors at once, but now there is a lot of literature, and you can find a variety of useful information on the Internet.

In this article we will look at an example of how to make a mini tractor with your own hands and point out many of the nuances of this work. Using this information, you can avoid many mistakes.

An amateur constructor should pay attention not only to the creation of a functional model, but also to ensure that homemade tractors have an attractive appearance and are easy to use.

For the frame, the channel is used, of which two spars are made, the front and rear cross-arms, the frame is in the form of a trapezoid, the narrow end of which is in front. For fastening various components and mechanisms to the frame, openings are made in it.

The frame is joined by a subframe, which consists of two racks made of a corner, and after its installation on the frame, the engine and all the transmission units are mounted.

Using bolts, from below, the shoes are attached to the spars, with the help of which the rear axle will be attached . To attach the sample to the shoes are welded bushings. This design allows you to attach the hinge to the frame, which is convenient when using a plow. For transport operations, a towbar is attached to the trailing arm, to which various equipment can be attached using the king pin.

In order to suspension of the front axle was hinged and rigid, it is necessary to weld the eyelet. In it through a special fork, which is bolted to the crossmember of the frame and the front cross beam is inserted beam.

When self-made tractors are manufactured, it is advisable to use small power units, for example, from a motorcycle. Well-proven engine from the Izh-Planet. To ensure good cooling, you can use a fan casing with a motorized wheelchair. It is necessary to slightly cut the cooling fins of the cylinder for a more dense joining of all the units. In order for the tractor to work without a battery, the ignition coil, generator and commutator are taken from the "Voskhod" motorcycle. As a muffler, a fire extinguisher body is used, which is filled with metal filings, and such a device performs its function perfectly.

This tractor applies transmission from GAZ-51, chain transmission, as well as a gearbox for the power take-off shaft.

As the rear axle parts from GAZ-51 and cardan from GAZ-66 are used, and the front axle is taken from the electric forklift.

When designing the steering, parts from GAZ-53 are used, the steering gear reducer is used , as well as the main brake cylinder. For transverse traction - stretching the side trailer motorcycle "Izh-Jupiter", the tips are taken from "Moskvich 412".

When choosing tires for self-made tractors it is better to stop on wheels from GAZ-51, they withstand a greater load than the wheels from cars, but at the same time quite soft.

Since the tractor has a rigid suspension, then for comfortable work, a sprung seat is installed on it.

Since this tractor will be used for various agricultural works, additional details are provided on it. The hinge for lowering and lifting the equipment used is a mechanical screw drive. An additional bracket is supplied for fixing the mowing machine.

If you decide to make a mini tractor yourself, then there is nothing complicated. It is necessary that you have the desire and, of course, the elementary skills of a car mechanic.

When operating such a tractor it is much easier and more reliable to deliver all attachments to the work site separately. Thus, you will protect not only yourself, but all surrounding people.

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