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How to make minced meat patties

Cutlets are always welcome on our table. They are prepared not only on holidays, but also so, without reason. It is interesting that the original chop was called a beaten piece of meat on the bone. Such original names were given to their dishes by the French. About how to make cutlets from minced meat, first talked in Ancient Russia, it was then that the housewives came up with cutlets from pre-chopped meat. Today I will share with you some tricks of cooking cutlets at home.

How to make cutlets from minced meat: useful recommendations

There are many recipes for cooking delicious and flavored cutlets. And, it should be noted, not only meat can be used. Prepare cutlets from vegetables, rice, buckwheat and much more. And, nevertheless, the most common cutlets, of course, are stuffed.

  • To get a more delicious dish, it is not recommended to use for preparation of minced meat. Cutlets from the prepared minced meat, bought in the store, will not be exactly home. That's why you better make mincemeat yourself. For this you can use pork, beef, chicken. You can even cook cutlets from turkey meat. But even better, if you can mix two kinds of meat. The thing is that pork in its pure form is rather fatty, but beef, on the contrary, is too dry. Mixing them in equal numbers (50x50), and you will be able to get the golden mean. From personal experience I want to note that for the preparation of cutlets you need to take not only meat, but necessarily fat. True, not very much.
  • On how to make cutlets from minced meat, experienced chefs know for sure. They will say that it is necessary to add a loaf to stuffing. This is not done to increase the amount of mass, but to give it airiness and lightness. As a result, the cutlets are more juicy and lush. Be sure to soak in the water or milk before adding the flesh of the loaf to the stuffing (you can also crust).
  • Bow. Another important ingredient. Personally, I cook cutlets only with him, because thanks to the onions it is possible to get a special taste. A little secret: to make our dish very, very tasty, add a half of raw onion to the stuffing, and fry the second half.
  • Eggs. Cutlets can be cooked with them, and without them. This is already how you decide. Calculations per kilogram of minced meat should take 2-3 eggs, and preferably only yolks, as the proteins somewhat deprive the dish of tenderness.

How to make cutlets from minced meat: detailed description

So, with some nuances I introduced you. Now it remains to tell directly about the very process of preparation, which, in fact, is not very complicated.

Ingredients: half a kilogram of beef and pork, two hundred grams of loaf, two onions, two eggs, flour or breadcrumbs, pepper, salt, vegetable oil.


  1. So, first of all soak in water or milk a loaf. Chop the onion, grate it, or grind it through a meat grinder. Divide the onion into two halves, one lightly fry in vegetable oil.
  2. We transform the fresh meat into minced meat with the help of a meat grinder. If you still use a manual meat grinder, it is recommended to skip meat through it twice.
  3. In the prepared mince we add onion, softened loaf, pour yolks, pepper and salt to taste.
  4. If desired, two tablespoons of mayonnaise can be added to the almost ready stuffing.
  5. Now wash your hands thoroughly with minced meat.
  6. Heat the frying pan and lay out on it pre-formed cutlets, and then rolled in breadcrumbs or flour.
  7. Fry the cutlets first on high heat, until it appears on both sides of the ruddy crust, and then reduce the heat and continue the frying until the meat is ready.

That's all. Delicious, fragrant and very delicate cutlets are ready. Now they can be safely served at the table. As a side dish, potatoes, pasta, rice, buckwheat, etc.,

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