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How to choose the right bicycle 12 inches

Each parent faces a choice of buying a bicycle for a child, since absolutely all children, from year to year old, like to ride them. The very first cycling is on three wheels, gradually, as the child grows up, becoming a two-wheeled "friend." Consider how to choose the right first 12-inch bicycle (wheels).

Classification of bicycles by age

First of all, when choosing a bicycle, look at the age of the child. The younger he is, the easier it is to complete and maintain the bike.

The classic classification of bicycles for children is as follows:

  1. For children from one year to three years - the diameter of the wheel is 12 inches.
  2. For 4-6 years - a diameter of 16 inches.
  3. For 7-9 years - 20 inches.
  4. When your child's height reaches 130 cm or more, the diameter of the wheel is 24 inches.

If you are wondering, a 12-inch bicycle at what age is suitable, then from this graduation it follows that you can switch to such transportation from one year.

Do not buy a bicycle for a child to grow, because it's just uncomfortable. The model chosen must necessarily fit the growth and physical parameters of a small person. Since during skiing you need to reach the pedal in the lower position.

Therefore, a 12-inch bicycle, which we will consider in more detail, is suitable for ages from one to three. This is the first model of a two-wheeled bicycle, to which, if necessary, you can add a handle from the rear and two additional wheels.

Why it is worth buying a child a bicycle

A 12-inch children's bike is not only the first vehicle on two wheels, but also a great simulator that will allow your child to develop properly.

Advantages of cycling:

  • Helps improve the balance of the child.
  • Strengthens the physical condition, including forms a correct posture.
  • The child learns to perform several tasks at the same time (pedaling and assessing the situation around).

Plus, your child will spend more time outdoors, riding a bicycle, not a TV or computer at home.

How to choose a children's bicycle

When parents go to the store for the purchase of cycling, they must know in advance what they are looking for in terms of technical characteristics. For example, in order to avoid controversial situations in the store, and you did not waste your time, you should answer these questions in advance: "Is the bicycle 12 inches at what age?".

And also when choosing a cycling transport there is a general set of criteria that you should rely on when buying:

  1. Consider the age group of the child. It is not necessary to transfer the baby very early from a three-wheeled car to a two-wheeled bicycle, but it's also not necessary to delay. With the growth of 95 cm, it is necessary to move to a minimum of four-wheeled, and then, and two-wheeled cycling.
  2. Focus on the growth of your child. In perfect accordance, it should be 2.5 times the diameter of the wheel. Otherwise, bicycle operation will be inconvenient for the child (the pedals are too high or low).
  3. Buy a bicycle with the child so that he can sit on him and try the ratio of sizes. So you get the perfect option.
  4. You should not buy in non-specialized places, because there will not be a guarantee of quality, which is important when used. You should be sure that the "two-wheeled friend" will not fail at the most crucial moment.
  5. Take into account the opinion of the child, because it's him, and not you ride on cycling.

If you correctly approach the purchase, even the first two-wheeled 12-inch children's bicycle will last longer.

Children's bicycle with a handle

A 12-inch children's bicycle with a handle in the package also has a pair of small wheels that can be mounted or removed if necessary. With them, transport becomes four-wheeled and acquires good stability, which will ensure a smooth transition for the child to three-wheeled version.

Thanks to the installation of the handle at the back, the 12-inch bike allows parents to control the movement of the child, protecting him from unnecessary injuries. And also it will be necessary in the event that the child is tired, allowing to continue movement without his participation.

You can buy such a bicycle from the age of three, but you must take into account the growth of the child. Ideally, it should be 2.5 times the diameter of the wheel. Thus, if the wheel is 12 inches, a bicycle needs a growth of 77 cm.

And also when buying, pay attention to the pen. Try, whether it is convenient for you to use it (turn, brake, and so on). Pay attention to the steering wheel, which should have an adjustment system, and pedals (preferably metal, since they are durable).

When choosing any bike, carefully inspect the integrity and quality of the chain. And also the presence of a comfortable brake for the baby.

An ordinary two-wheeled bicycle for children from three years old

For an age group of 3 to 5-6 years, a 12-inch bicycle is perfect. Just before buying such a transport, pay attention to the design features:

  1. The frame must be solid and of high quality material.
  2. It is better to choose the model, which includes additional rear wheels. So your child will be easier to move from a fully sustainable three-wheeled transport.
  3. The steering wheel should be adjustable in height, as children grow very fast. This will extend the service life.
  4. Do not pursue cheap options. You can get a "cat in a sack" as a result. For example, the chain will break after several days of riding. In such cases, you can go broke on spare parts.

If you carefully approach the choice of transport such as a 12-inch children's bicycle, then it will last a long time, even can inherit the younger siblings of the child.

Tips for young parents

Do not be afraid to transfer the child to a two-wheeled bicycle 12 inches, as this is an additional simulator that develops his physical abilities.

When you teach your child to ride, do not forget about safety. The main thing in urban life is to choose the site where there is no traffic. The child only learns and can not react instantly to the danger. It is best to study in special places where there are bicycle paths, or in the parks of the city.

Observe all the rules when choosing a model, and very soon your baby will be happy with his first successes.

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