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About summer vacation already said, retold so many that you can read these treatises on entertainment, excursions and trips to kill all the precious vacation. Therefore, we must prepare for the season in advance. To study in more detail the plan of the city, to think over all the outfits, to book accommodation, to collect a first-aid kit ... Have you already learned the science of vacation? If you can say to yourself that you are soaked in the salts of all the southern seas and are hardened by all the climbing peaks, that your feet have already treaded through the narrow streets of eastern cities, then boldly stick your finger into the globe and go to the coveted point. The same who is in rest - a conservative, a classic, suitable always. Classics of beach and summer holidays is the Krasnodar Territory. Such titans as Sochi, Adler, Anapa, Gelendzhik are perhaps the most popular resorts in Russia. And today we will talk about one of this big four - Adler.

Mini-kingdom of Adler

It often happens on everyone's lips: there is no place better for a holiday novel, as in a movie (or for a movie story about it). Not noisy big Sochi, but also not a backwater. It fascinates with its invariable combination of white high hotels and exotic greenery. Then it seems that all dreams will always come true. Such is he - Adler. Attractions and entertainment await you almost at every corner. This area of the city with a population of 115 thousand people is always friendly and very beautiful. He absorbed the features of several cultures: very near is Abkhazia. Why come to Adler? This is where families with young children and teenagers, couples and noisy companies of friends are striving. What do you get at the resort? Excellent mood, warm sea, beautiful beaches, a charge of the Sochi spirit and energy. Do not forget about the climatic and balneological treatment: modern sanatoriums and other medical institutions use not only natural potential, but also modern equipment. Well, if you picked up the all-consuming Sochi-fever and already pack your suitcases in Adler, but do not really know what you can do there? No problem! Everyone will like the versatile Adler. Sights and attractions are here all year round.

In the rhythm of a small town

Of course, there must be special identification marks in places like Adler. Attractions and entertainment make the face of any city. And one of the favorite objects for tourists is Adler Lighthouse, proudly bearing the title of the oldest and the southernmost lighthouse of Russia. His light breaks through the darkness as much as 13 miles!

You can not say for sure that you were in any city, if you did not visit his picture gallery. In Adler it will be not only beautiful, but also informative! After all, in the museum of the Adler district there are five halls devoted to the history, nature and life of the city. There is a separate room under the gallery: here local artists exhibit landscapes of their native land. These inspirational works are worth seeing, and your vacation will certainly be more interesting.

What else does Adler prepare for us? Attractions and entertainments for curious tourists! Dendrological park with a spicy name "Southern cultures" and beckons: because on a hot day it's unbearable to walk around the sunny city, but here - just right. Greenness calms, the shadow gives a cool, and the ponds breathe freshness. This place is more than a hundred years old. The park contains plants from all over the world: from Asia, and from Africa, and from America ... And the reviews are noted by very knowledgeable and interesting guides. In addition, you can admire the rosary: here you can smell the fragrance of more than one hundred and fifty species of these beautiful flowers.

What else can advise neposedam? Go to the caves with treasures - they will be great impressions. Such a cave is the pride of Adler - Ahshtyrskaya. It is located fifteen kilometers from the sea and one hundred and twenty meters above its level. Today, tourists are offered to walk only on a small site of this object. And there, I must say, very interesting! The guides say that Neanderthals lived here seventy thousand years ago! This version is confirmed by numerous archaeological excavations. In the cave were found the remains of already extinct ancient animals. And lovers of mythology will surely appreciate the fact that, according to scientists from all over the world, it was here that the rendezvous of Cyclops and Odysseus took place. Go to the observation deck - and be blinded. And not only from the sun, to which, after wandering in the dark, eyes should get used, from the stunning view of the surroundings.

South Sea

Well, what a southern resort without golden or gray pebble beaches? By the way, the second on the Adler shore prevails. Since for many Adler is equal to rest by the sea, then to study the most pleasant part of the coast should be treated thoroughly. All the beaches in Adler are well equipped, all amenities are at hand. Urban - the best option for tourists. In the center of the city there are a lot of people. Local people prefer to rest on the beach at the station because of its cleanliness and proximity to the center. Do you dream of a deserted beach that belongs only to you? Nizhneimeretinskaya bay (Veseloe village) is something that will please the lover of seclusion. And still you can admire the dolphins! Well, and one more object: the beach belonging to the boarding house "Yuzhny" in Chkalovsky district. There is a real paradise. The only thing is not so easy to get a pass there.

Splashes, squeals, the sun

Aquapark in Adler is an object of real pride for all the inhabitants of the town. "Amphibius" is no wonder compare with a small city - here you can really get lost among the incredible hills and attractions. Entrance ticket for adults - from 600 to 800 rubles. Children's - 300-400 rubles. The most demanding visitors will find something for themselves among the 16 slides, and children will splash around and roll on special attractions.

Amusement park in Adler

And the next object will surely appeal to families with children, although adults are not averse to plunging into their childhood. Who does not like amusement parks: room of fear, centrifuges, attractions, on which a person is thrown to an incredible height, that the spirit captures even the viewer, the roller coaster ... In Adler there is an amusement park, even several: in the resort town and in the center. But special attention deserves the Sochi Disneyland - a theme park in the area of Nizhneimeretinskaya bay. Service there at altitude, a huge number of attractions, show programs - all this will not leave anyone indifferent.

By hidden paths

Well, for hikers to walk or learn something new, there are excursions in Adler, prices on which are very democratic - from five hundred to three thousand rubles. The most popular routes are the monkey nursery, Prometheus rock, waterfalls, trout farming, trips to the mountains on jeeps, excursions to the caves and, of course, the dolphinarium.

The spirit of the last Olympics

And, of course, no one can imagine Adler without the Olympics-2014. You can go to this place and recharge the energy of victory. Things with Olympic symbols are sold out instantly. Adler-Arena in the future, perhaps, will turn into an exhibition center - than not an excuse to come here again?

What do you want - choose

This is how you can say about holiday homes and hotels. In Adler there are about 50 guest houses. They can relax and very budget tourists - from 500 rubles per day, and in the private sector - and from one hundred and fifty rubles. Although it is possible and poshikovat in luxury hotels - by the way, such a holiday will cost you up to fifty thousand rubles a day. The prices for products here are moderate; At the height of the season - twenty percent more than the average in Moscow. Remember that the farther from the sea the store - the cheaper you will buy.

Welcome to Adler, rest at the sea promises to be amazing!

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