Recreation base "Serebryansky stone": photos and reviews of tourists

Travels across Russia are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the vast territory, tourists have a huge choice of destinations. One of the most popular places to visit is the Urals. The mountains, majestically rising above the plain, the lush greenery of flowers and trees, the clear water bubbling in the rivers - these are the components of rest in the Urals.

For those who want to spend time with maximum benefit, a lot of guest houses and recreation centers were built on the territory of the Urals. One of them is the active recreation base "Silver Stone", where all the necessary conditions for a comfortable vacation are created.


On the territory of the recreation center there are residential buildings, a cafe and a dining room, as well as several gazebos and places for self-cooking shish kebab.

As for the number of rooms, visitors are offered a choice between living in a summer house, a warmed house, a traditional Nenets plague, and also in their own tent.

Rest in the hotel "Serebryansky stone" (Sverdlovsk region) is possible at any time of the year, because in the camp site there are both light and warmed houses, and excursions to interesting places in the Urals are organized all year round.

The services

Employees of the hostel offer a variety of different services for organizing leisure activities for visitors and their comfortable stay in the hotel:

  • Food. The exact cost is negotiated by agreement and depends on the number of meals, the type of food.
  • Transfer. The service is paid for, the driver takes two thousand rubles from the group. Moving is carried out in large new cars. Space in the trunk is roomy.
  • Outfit for outdoor activities in winter. It includes tourist skis (400 rubles for one day), snowshoes (the price is similar), as well as a sleeping bag (200 rubles per day).
  • Necessary things for lighting a fire and cooking shish kebab. In the event that you want to cook a shish kebab and sit with friends at the fire, you can do it in the tourist center "Silver Stone". Firewood, coal, braziers are provided by the base employees for an additional cost. Grill grill, places for roasting fires and catering (gazebo) are given for free.
  • Bathhouse. The room can accommodate up to 5 people, and the cost of its use depends on the time of year. Payment is made hourly. The average cost is 1000 rubles.
  • Organization of children's leisure. In their spare time children can relax on a special children's playground, located on the territory of the tourist camp "Silver Stone". The rope town occupies a large area and contains many interesting slides and obstacles.


Inside the hotel there are offers for trips to interesting places in the Urals. Excursions are organized when recruiting a group from a certain number of people. Among the proposed options are visits to some lakes, hiking along with a guide, as well as jumping.

  • Hiking is carried out along proven routes that lead to the most amazing and colorful places with a rich and lush nature. Routes include walks through the forest, along mountain rivers, and also on the mountains themselves.
  • Base "Silver Stone" offers guests one of the most unusual excursions - jumping. The trip is carried out on the cars of the hostel, together with the group a guide rides, which tells about the amazing landscape of the Northern Urals. The presence of children on the excursion is welcomed. In addition, during the tour the group can stop and swim in the mountain streams. The duration of the trip is not fixed and in most cases it takes a whole day. The cost is negotiated on the spot.
  • Visit to the Lake of Spiyskoye. The distance between the settlement and the lake is 15 km, the trek is carried out along small forest paths. "Silver Stone" (recreation center) offers a group, going to visit the lake, an experienced guide who will show the right road and tell about interesting facts about the point.

In addition to these routes, the recreation center offers many more interesting options - the choice is given to the tourist.


  • Beautiful nature. The Northern Urals is a place with an amazing nature. The richness of greenery, the abundance of mountain rivers and deep transparent lakes, lush vegetation will inspire every tourist!
  • Inexpensive accommodation. Prices for accommodation in the hostel "Silver Stone" are low, spending the night will cost you no more than 5 thousand rubles in a room of increased comfort.
  • An interesting list of excursions. The leisure plan is really great: tourists are offered the choice of not only the route and the final destination point, but also the type of travel: hiking, running race, jeep ride, skiing or snowmobiling.
  • Good ecology. Clean and fresh air in the Northern Urals deserves special attention. Thanks to the remoteness of the base from the major cities, tourists can enjoy the freshness of the mountain air and the cleanliness of the territory.
  • Convenient location. Despite the remoteness of the "Silverstone" base from big cities or villages, it's very easy to get to the end point. The nearby town of Karpinsk is at a distance of 44 km from the hostel.


  • Expensive additional services. The cost of the necessary services is quite high - this applies even to the organization of the shower and food, which is a huge minus of the hostel.
  • Bad connection. You will not be able to call your relatives and friends while on the territory of the Serebryansky Stone base. The hostel offers the possibility of making calls in a specially designated place, but the whole network does not catch it. It's the same with a wireless Wi-Fi network.

Climate and ecology

The climate of the Northern Urals is sharply continental. This type of climate is very convenient for tourists: the territory has a long hot summer, a small amount of precipitation, and a long frosty winter. Seasons change very quickly, and autumn and spring are not present for long. In the event that you want to organize a holiday in the warm season, the best time for a trip will be the end of spring - the beginning of autumn. Some tourists prefer winter vacations. In this case, a good time for a trip is December - January. In February, it becomes very cold on the base, frequent snowstorms and snowstorms occur.

The ecology of the northern Urals deserves admiration: the air here is absolutely clean, and the territory is not covered with a lot of garbage.

Rules of the base

On the territory of the tourist center "Silver Stone" there are some rules:

  • When booking or renting rooms or houses, you need to provide proof of identity.
  • Payment for accommodation must be made immediately after the tourist arrives in the room.
  • Children who are resting on a rope town should be accompanied by their parents. Leave them unattended.
  • All visitors should not litter and are obliged to monitor the cleanliness of the premises in which they live.
  • Accommodation with animals is acceptable subject to certain restrictions. Large breeds of dogs should be in a muzzle, and walk strictly on a leash. All products of vital activity must be cleaned by the owner.
  • Each guest should take care of the surrounding nature.

How to get there?

One of the most conveniently located recreation centers is the "Silver Stone". How to get to the appointed place?

Thanks to its convenient location, every tourist can get to the base on an ordinary public bus that runs along the route Karpinsk-Kytlym. Flight number is 105. It is worth remembering that the bus departs this route not every day, namely on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. Departure time from Karpinsk - 8.00 and 16.00, and the return route - 10.00 and 18.00. The duration of the trip from one point to another is 2 hours. The schedule is valid local time.

The road from the nearby town of Karpinsk to the camp site takes a little time. The tourist should get to Kytlym village, and turn left after 100 meters.


Accommodation at the hostel is quite cheap. The minimum cost per night is 300 rubles per person, the maximum - 5000.

  • Place in the tent camp. In total there are about 50 such places. Accommodation is provided in the tourist's own tent, the base provides only a place for this. The price is 300 rubles.
  • Standard hut (16 places). The cost of spending the night here is 800 rubles per person. Excellent for both hot and cold weather - good heating will not let you freeze.
  • Nenets chum with heating. Overnight in it costs 1500 rubles per night. The room accommodates 3 seats.
  • Nenets chum with heating. Thanks to a large area and 12 beds, the cost of living in it is increased to 4 thousand rubles.
  • Chopped hut. The room is divided into several floors and provides 7 beds. Accommodation in it costs 5 thousand rubles per night. Heating works in the house.


Judging by the reviews left in the period from 2014 to 2016, the Serebryansky Kamen camp site, whose photo admires many tourists, is one of the best places to stay. Despite its shortcomings (expensive services, excursions), rest in the camp brings only the best impressions. This is not surprising, because quality, good housing, amazing, colorful nature, delight anyone.

In addition, discounts and special offers are available on the campus, which completely compensates for dissatisfaction with paid services. So, workers give a discount to those who birthday and those tourists who book rooms for a period of more than 2 days. With an increase in the length of stay, the cost gradually decreases. In addition, the birthday presents a gift: an hour of bathing in a traditional Russian hut.

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