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What is a demarche? The reasons and forms of protest

Recently, new words related to international law and relations have been heard more often in political circles and on television. What is a demarche, what are its causes and in what ways is this protest expressed? What are the most famous demarches held recently and what does this concept mean for our country? All this you can learn in our article.

The meaning of the word "demarche"

The word "demarche" of French origin. Démarche - "walk, act," démarcher - "to work, go home". It is mainly used as a political and legal term.

What is a demarche? This is a diplomatic act of the will of the highest representatives of the state (head, government, foreign department) addressed to another country (its leaders) in connection with the inability to settle the conflict situation peacefully. This is a combination of certain means and actions designed to indicate their position on the actions of another power, violating domestic and international norms.

Recently, this word began to be used in everyday life (for example, a neighboring, political demarche). In this case, the concept acquires a second meaning, close to the legal one, but more simple.

What is a demarche in a figurative sense? Sometimes this word refers to an unexpected act, a sharp attack, the action of one person against another with a serious statement or protest against the behavior of the latter.


The demarche is used in extreme cases, when no diplomatic means are no longer in effect. If negotiations, consultations, arrangements can not solve the problem, it is the last attempt to express their opinion in the international arena, to declare their disagreement and to warn about possible consequences.

The reason for such an act is the actions (or their absence) on the part of another entity of international relations (the state, its head, government or other authorities) that violate international norms, human rights and freedom, the territorial integrity of a certain country, as well as in other cases, Which caused or can cause serious consequences for the life and health of people, violate the foundations of statehood and diplomacy.

Mode of expression and content

A demarche can be demonstrated in both written and oral form. Strict legal designation of the way of expressing protest simply does not exist, each country decides on the choice of the type of this expression of will itself.

In writing, a demarche is a diplomatic act, designed as a request, statement, warning, recall, demand, protest or memorandum.

In oral form, it takes the form of statements, appeals, boycotts, etc.

The goal of the demarche is to convey its opinion to the second state and other countries, express disagreement with the current situation, suggest measures to strengthen peace and cooperation between the parties to the conflict.

The implementation of such a diplomatic move must strictly comply with generally recognized norms of international law. According to paragraph 3 of Art. 2 of the UN Charter, all members of the organization should resolve their disputes and conflicts only by peaceful means, so as not to endanger the life and health of people, general security and the norms of justice.

Known facts

The most famous demarches are boycotts of the Olympic Games (22 in Moscow and 23 in Los Angeles). In the first case, many countries (Japan, the United States, Germany and others) expressed their protest against the hostilities of the Soviet state in Afghanistan. After that, in 4 years, the USSR and several countries supporting it (including the eastern part of Germany) were responded by the United States in the same vein, covering themselves for fearing the safety of athletes.

Thus, the games of 1980 and 1984 entered the history of the Olympics as "inferior", because the absence of many strong athletes adversely affected the entertainment and effectiveness of the events.

Demarche in Russia

What is a demarche for our state? In connection with the recent events in Ukraine, this is one of the last and quite often used ways to declare to the world what is going on between countries in reality. Only in the last days Ukraine was declared three demarches as a sign of protest against the shelling of the Russian border, the introduction of vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation and the continuation of the war with the peaceful population of Ukraine.

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