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Payment of utilities: how to do it easier and without commissions?

Almost every Russian is familiar with the monthly ritual of payment for a communal apartment. In our advanced and dynamic 21st century, payment of utility services for many people is associated with close communication with neighbors in turn, with the loss of precious time and non-recovering nerves. According to Rostelecom, each year our compatriots spend about 180 billion hours in queues to pay for utilities. Each year the printing press prints 1 billion paper receipts, which costs 4 million trees.

To ensure that the monthly payment of utility services does not become another headache in connection with the need to go somewhere, wait and lose time, we will consider options for paying bills in the network. First of all, it should be clarified with utilities providers whether they accept payments via the Internet. And if the answer is positive, you can safely proceed further.

1. You can pay for rent without taking off your favorite home slippers, having access to the worldwide network and a card where the money is. Today, almost all credit institutions provide their customers with "Internet banking", which allows you to instantly pay for services, make purchases or make transfers without turning to the office. The bottom line is as follows: a bank card is issued to the client, remote control is connected according to his application. Payment of housing and communal services from the largest banks, as a rule, is included in the basic online set, the commission is either absent or minimal. Having come home with the signed contract of remote service, it is necessary to open a site of bank and to enter under the login, using the password. In the personal account of the client, you can make any transfers, create an account statement and see the entire payment history.

There is another alternative to trips to the post office - by agreement, the bank writes off the amount from your account and transfers it to the settlement account of the utility provider. At the same time, the responsibility for the receipt of money by the recipient rests with the credit organization, if the contract specified the correct requisites.

2. Also payment of housing and communal services without commission is possible on the site of public services. Today, 30 million Russians can use it in 50 large cities. First you need to register on the site. Then go to your account, open the "Charges" section and go to the "Payment for services" tab, select the region, the vendor and enter the account number.

3. You can pay utility bills through the Internet using Yandex.Money, WebMoney and other electronic payment systems. It is enough for an owner of an electronic wallet to use one of the services for making payments in the network, and with a few simple confirmations to transfer funds to the desired account. The commission for payment will be higher than for online banking, but in most cases, quite acceptable. After making the transfer, a receipt for payment is generated , which should be printed out - in the disputed moments it will help to track the payment and confirm the fact of payment.
Of course, the payment of housing and communal services will not be made soon through the Internet, and there is more than one reason for this. But for sure the younger generation will no longer stand in lines at the post office of Russia with invoices from the ERCC.

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