Cystitis? Treatment is worth starting immediately!

One of the most frequently occurring urological diseases in women is the infectious and inflammatory process of the mucosa of the bladder or its wall. This disease is called "cystitis." It suddenly arises and quickly progresses. Therefore, if inflammation of the bladder has begun, treatment should not be postponed. A woman with this disease feels terrible, and every trip to the toilet becomes a real torture. The pain is pronounced. Usually, at such times a sick woman can not think of anything, except how quickly to ease her anguish. Burning, frequent urge to urinate and pain in the lower abdomen will help to recognize cystitis. In acute form, vomiting, nausea, turbidity of urine and decreased appetite may occur. Sexual intercourse does not cause pleasant sensations, it is accompanied by pains, dryness. From the vagina, foul-smelling mucus can be released.

In order to eliminate the inflammation of the bladder, treatment should be carried out in conjunction with a survey that should determine the cause of the onset of the disease. Among them there may be banal hypothermia or infection that has got into the urethra. In rare cases, cystitis appears due to a sharp change in the menstrual cycle. Every second woman on the planet faces this ailment face to face.

A woman needs to remember that as soon as a cold of the bladder occurs, she should, let through force, drink about three liters of fluid a day. After all, the problem is serious enough and needs complex treatment. This also includes a diet that excludes from use all the sour, salty and spicy. Cats and soups are ideal for eating at this time. When there is inflammation of the bladder, treatment is also in the sexual rest, as well as the elimination of the infection that caused the disease. There must be patience.

How to treat the bladder, doctors will prompt best. An experienced gynecologist or urologist will prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual rest, pain relievers, in case of their acute need, as well as phytotherapy. If the disease is triggered, it can lead to complications in the form of pyelonephritis. This is very serious. Treatment in this case becomes possible only in a hospital.

You were diagnosed with "inflammation of the bladder"? Treatment and prevention should become mandatory to maintain the body in the form, raising immunity and continuing active life. Preventive measures in this case are sports, timely trips to the toilet, limiting the use of salt. These simple measures will keep your health and tone up. But most importantly - preventing the transition of the disease into a chronic form. This is fraught with constant complications at the slightest supercooling. Especially unpleasant is their occurrence during pregnancy, when the possibility of drug treatment is severely limited. Therefore, do not suffer the pain, if it is a little subsided and does not bring much anxiety. You need to take good care of your health.

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