Technical characteristics of Renault Duster - family crossover

Presentation of the new car-crossover Renault Duster took place in December 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show. Previously, similar developments in the concern "Renault" was not. The off-road vehicle also has a number of characteristic features of a family car. Therefore, the technical characteristics of the Renault Duster, coupled with these features allowed the new car to confidently occupy its niche in the sector of universal mid-range models. It was quite affordable price for this. Crossover design advantages and reliable running gear combined with perfect maneuverability also played a role.


The technical characteristics of the Renault Duster are quite high, because the car is based on the popular Renault Logan. The system all-wheel drive for the crossover was developed by the Japanese in the company Nissan, and in many respects thanks to this the car has an impressive passableness. The compact car features a spacious comfortable interior with a high level of ergonomics. The seats are comfortable, semi-automatic, and the upholstery is made of high-quality velor.

High-speed car capabilities

Crossover Renault Duster is not a high-speed car. His family purpose determines the style of riding, the choice of the road and speed mode. Nevertheless, the car may well travel a considerable distance at a speed of about 120 km / h. The specifications of the Renault Duster make it easy to withstand the maximum load placed in the luggage compartment, which exceeds 1500 liters by volume. The only condition that must be met when driving a car at high speed is the uniform distribution of cargo.

Motor Features

Power plant Renault Duster is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of 102 liters. from. Each cylinder is equipped with four valves. The engine runs in economy mode, fuel consumption does not exceed 9.5 liters in the city and 6.4 liters on the highway. Mechanical gearshift, five-speed. Since 2013, the modified version of the car is equipped with an automatic box complete with a two-liter petrol engine. But at the same time the main technical characteristics of the Renault Duster remained the same. When assembling a car, a multi-variant approach is used, a diesel engine and automatic transmission can be installed on the machine if necessary.

Crossover in Russia

On the Russian market Renault Duster, whose technical specifications are constantly being improved, is supplied in units and assemblies for further assembly at the Moscow plant AvtoFramos, an enterprise created in 1998 under the aegis of the Moscow government in the territory of the Moskvich JSC. In 2012, the factory was completely bought by the French. Currently, AvtoFramos produces mostly Renault Duster. Prices for cars of the Russian assembly are relatively low, range from 450 000 to 720 000 rubles. The selling price of the Renault Duster standard, if chosen by the buyer, may be 600,000 rubles. Since December 2013, Renault Duster is offered to Russians in an improved all-wheel drive variant with a 2.0 liter engine, an automatic transmission and a supercomfortable interior.

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