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Gas burner for soldering copper pipes

At the moment there are different techniques for connecting pipes. One of the most popular methods is soldering by means of special burners. It is worth considering it. The gas torch for soldering is a portable equipment equipped with replaceable cylinders, or a stationary device, which is called a welding station. This equipment is used in most cases when installing pipelines of various highways and systems. Thanks to the use of a soft burner flame, it is possible to evenly warm up the soldering area, without experiencing the material of the pipes. The flame can reach a temperature of 1950 degrees Celsius, which is quite enough to connect copper pipes using soft or solid solders.

A gas torch for soldering can belong to one of several varieties. In the range of modern outlets you can find both high-performance and household models.

The gas burner for soldering is a fairly popular tool among representatives of a variety of activities. It can be used in everyday life for various household needs. Masters use it to repair refrigeration equipment, install plumbing, air conditioning and other. Recently, even master jewelers have become interested in such equipment.

A manual gas burner for soldering can belong to one of three groups depending on several characteristics:

- in the field of application it can be highly specialized or multifunctional;

- The nozzle type can belong to the category with a replaceable, spear or rotating nozzle;

- According to the type of flame control it can be a device with a power regulator or a piezoelectric heater.

The gas torch for soldering is quite simple. It has a wide nozzle, a valve for gas supply, connected with a balloon. The ignition is carried out after the valve has been opened and the source of the fire is brought up. With the same valve, the flame is adjusted. A burner of this design can be used for different purposes. There is also a more powerful option, while achieving more power is possible due to the fact that the nozzle has special holes.

A gas burner for soldering, which has an elongated and narrow nozzle that creates a powerful and even flame ejection, is used for special work, for example, soldering copper tubes during the repair or installation of refrigerators and air conditioners.

Portable gas torch for soldering with piezo-spark is equipped with a convenient flame regulator. A directional jet of flame can reach a temperature of about 1300 degrees. Such appliances in everyday life can be used for a variety of purposes. The convenience of using such equipment is difficult to overestimate. The gas for this is opened by means of a regulator, after which the piezoelectric element is activated.

A special torch for soldering is designed for some special cases. It is worth mentioning that a special flame feed in such devices was designed to perform accurate work with small elements.

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