"Kia Rio" (station wagon): all the most interesting about the South Korean car of the 2000s

The most popular South Korean budget car in Russia is the "Kia Rio". The wagon in popularity is in third place after modifications in the body sedan and hatchback. He was not in such demand as these two versions. In other words, it was not very profitable from a commercial point of view. Therefore, in the mid-2000s, the station wagons ceased to produce. But still there were a lot of people who liked these versions, so they should be told about them.


"Kia Rio" - station wagon, which was offered with two variants of power units. One of them was installed under the hood of the base version. It was a 1.3-liter 75-horsepower engine. More powerful, produced 82 liters. With., Received expensive versions. But the aggravation of both these engines was not enough for such a heavy and rather long body. It is worth recalling that the permissible mass of this model was 1435 kg. And the length was 4.24 m.

But the developers took into account this technical defect and began to install under the hood of the Kia Rio 1.5-liter power unit that produced 97 liters. from. This motor did a much better job. And after its installation the new car "Kia Rio" could boast quite a good dynamics. Before "hundred" the wagon was dispersed for 11 seconds. And its maximum was 175 km / h. By the way, the motor was characterized by a moderate "appetite". At 100 "urban" kilometers, 11.5 liters of fuel were consumed.


This is the main advantage that the Kia Rio (universal) can boast in the literal sense of the word. It can easily be a car for a big family, like Kia Sportage, for example. Or a car for long trips together. Also, Kia Rio is used by many as a city car. He perfectly copes with this purpose, and all because of its economy and compactness. On this machine you can even enjoy your speed at night, on empty roads.

It is also important to note that the Kia Rio is a station wagon in which the most diverse options are harmoniously combined. Initially, potential buyers were offered several engine variants, "mechanics" and "automatic", wheel disks of different sizes, 9 color solutions. People could decide for themselves what their "Kia Rio" would be like. The complete sets were also pleased with the rich equipment. Already in the basic version, there was a steering wheel with a hydraulic booster, a CZ with a remote control, an electric package (power windows, a hatch, rear-view mirrors), ABS, audio system, climate control, and passive and active safety systems.

Behavior on the road

This is another important nuance that should be noted with attention, telling about "Kia Rio". The model range, as already mentioned, included sedans and hatchbacks, in addition to the station wagon. It is important to note that their popularity was higher even because of the availability of high-quality suspension and high ground clearance. At the station wagon they were not particularly good.

The suspension looked too tight. People who owned the universal, assured: while driving there is an impression that it seems to be soldered to the frame. Naturally, this is reflected in comfort. Any roughness and hummock is perfectly felt by the driver and passengers. More stable car behaves when it is loaded or moving on a normal canvas.

Work of a check point

Another nuance, which is important to note, talking about "Kia Rio." Universal offered as a 5-speed "mechanics", and with a 4-speed "automatic".

The version with the manual transmission was more popular. "Mechanics" worked steadily, although it had some specific features. And the main feature concerns the switching of the first gear. Switch from which to the second it was necessary, as soon as the car accelerated to 10 km / h. Although that, in fact, starts at 20 km / h. But this is a small nuance, to which the owners quickly adapted.

But with the "automatic" the case was a little more complicated. Because in the early 2000's with the automatic transmitters, the developers of Kia Motors Corporation were just beginning to experiment. In general, the "machine" was not bad, only the fourth speed did not pull. And in fact it was 3-step.

Cost and benefits of a car

A couple of words at last I would like to say about the price at which in our time you can buy a station wagon "Kia Rio". Complete sets, the engine variant and a condition of a body - here three main criteria on which the cost of this model depends. The normal price can be considered 250-300 thousand rubles. For this money, a person will receive a station wagon in good condition, with a galvanized body and a complete set, which, in addition to basic equipment, includes an electric headlight corrector, four automatic glass lifts, a Webasto stand-alone heater, a four-speaker audio system (CD, radio), rear parking assist, fog Headlamps and alloy wheels R14.

Is it worth buying such a car? If to judge objectively, then it has both advantages and disadvantages. Which, however, can be said about every car without exception. The minuses were noted with attention above, and the pluses include advantages, efficiency, informative steering wheel, good handling, high quality of spacious interior trim, comfortable seats, excellent visibility and good electronics. So the advantages of the Kia Rio station wagon are also enough.

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