Replacement of the fuel filter "Renault Logan": brief instructions

The fuel filter in any vehicle performs a very important function. This part sifts out rust particles and dust that get into the car's systems together with low-quality fuel. Over time, the fuel filter needs to be replaced. "Renault Logan" can have several options for the location of this part. So first you need to find it.

Where can there be a fuel filter in the "Renault Logan"

The item of interest can be located in only a few places. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find the fuel system element.

Inside the fuel tank. The fuel filter "Renault Logan" in this case is mounted together with a gasoline pump exclusively in the factory. It is worth noting that this arrangement is typical for models that came off the assembly line in 2006, starting in October.

Also the fuel filter "Renault Logan" can be located near the right wheel behind the car, directly under the gas tank. In this case, the part is in the place where the tubes go out, through which fuel is supplied. This arrangement of the filter has vehicles of this brand, which were developed before 2006.

When to change

So, how to replace the fuel filter. A clear sign is the phenomenon in which the vehicle begins to move unpleasant for the driver and at the same time quite noticeable jerks. Feeling like this, the car owner should contact the appropriate service. However, replacing the fuel filter "Renault Logan" can be produced independently.

Preparing for replacement

Independently it can be done only in those models that were released before 2006. So, how to replace the fuel filter in the "Renault Logan". To begin with, several preparatory steps should be taken:

  1. First turn on the ignition of the vehicle.
  2. Tilt the cable from the battery with the minus terminal.
  3. Press the clamps that hold the cover of the pump unit. After that, the cover must be removed.
  4. Remove the relay from the unit.
  5. Reconnect the wire to the battery.

After the done manipulations it is necessary to start the car, and then wait until it stops. Replacement of the fuel filter "Renault Logan" is made only after the ignition is switched off.

Change the part

Dismantling of the old filter and, of course, the installation of the new one is done as follows:

  1. To begin with it is necessary to climb under the car.
  2. After this, with the help of a brush, it is necessary to clean the entire fuel assembly or to blow it with a pump. Do not forget about the pipelines that are connected to it.
  3. On one side of the fuel filter there is a red button. You need to press it. This will remove the element of interest from the tube.
  4. Now remove the yoke, which acts as a support for the filter.
  5. Opposite the red button is green. It is necessary to press it to remove the second tube from the filter.
  6. Now you can replace the failed part. To install a new fuel filter, you need to do all of the above steps, but in the reverse order.

If the filter is combined with a pump

Replacing the fuel filter "Renault Logan", where the part is combined with a gasoline pump, is quite a complicated process. To do this, you should contact the appropriate service. It is almost impossible to produce this procedure on your own.

Replacement of the fuel filter in such models is made if:

  1. The mileage of the vehicle is from 60 thousand kilometers.
  2. When passing maintenance. This applies to older models.

According to the official instruction, the filter change in such machines must be carried out every 120 thousand kilometers.

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