Mantra of love: how to attract the ideal partner

Probably, there is no such person who does not dream to find true love, to meet the only destiny half destined and to create a happy family. Some people, even if not the first time, manage to do it. Others, despite many years of searching, were not lucky enough to meet the ideal partner. And, with age, there is less chance to create a truly harmonious family. Many despair and cease to make any attempt to get acquainted with the man or woman of your dreams, complaining about the unfortunate fate.

Meanwhile, modern psychologists and metaphysicians believe that none other than the person himself determines his fate. It is his mood, emotions, actions and thoughts, the ability to create intentions that shape events that take place in life. And, if a person has failed, for example, to meet an ideal partner, then there are some blocks or beliefs that prevent the dream from being realized. In Hinduism, in order to overcome obstacles in achieving wealth, luck and health, they practice reading mantras. It is believed that the repetition of a certain set of sounds can help in the fulfillment of many desires, and the mantra of love will certainly help to find a life partner.

What is a mantra?

In Sanskrit, the word "man" means - to think, "tra" or "tri" - to protect. It is believed that the sounds of the mantra are charged with divine light and strength from higher levels of consciousness, 0 and are capable of influencing a person - filling it with energy, purifying. Mantras are divine, not literary, origin, and were received by sages (rishis) and yogis during meditative practices. Their text is intended for a specific purpose and has a sacred meaning, so it is important to repeat it exactly. Each mantra has its own patronizing deity. Nevertheless, prayer and mantra are not the same thing. In prayer, a person turns to the deity with a request, and in the mantra identifies himself with it.

The mantra of love, as a rule, contains the names of the gods, who are able to help in matters of the heart. It is with the help of these deities that the practitioner's feelings and thoughts come to a state that can change his life, correcting a certain sphere.

Mantras of love

If you are lonely and dream of finding your narrowed, to meet true love, you should chant the mantra of Om-Namo-Narayanaia, in the same situation helps the mantra of love addressed to Lord Krishna - Om-Sri Krishnaya-Namah. There is a mantra of love and tenderness that helps not only to gain love, but also to strengthen and harmonize existing relationships: Aum-Jaya-Jaya-Sri-Shivaya-Svaha. In fact, there are many such sets of sounds, and you can choose your own one, listening to your own heart and to the sensations.

To make mantras better singing, that is, singing. They are usually sung early in the morning or in the evening in a calm, secluded setting, and in a good mood. The number of repetitions of the mantra can be any, but a multiple of three. The greatest effect can be achieved if there are 108 repetitions. This number is considered sacred in Hinduism. In order not to be confused, it is better to sing the mantra, picking up rosary beads that have 108 beads and a "measure", from which the countdown begins. Having reached the "measure", they start to count in the opposite direction. The mantra of love will bring the desired result, if you sing it for 11 or 21 days, start practice better on the growing moon.

Full Moon Ritual

In the evening, after a short meditation and a one-day fast, in a dimly lit room, gently say: "To-Do-Sea-Ro-An, Wat Mono-Run." You need to say this 4 times. The ritual begins on the full moon and continues for a month. The Indian mantra of love and tenderness is considered effective, but it does not help instantly, patience is required. Before the beginning of the ritual, do not forget to express the intention to meet the ideal partner in life.

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