Breed of chickens Zagorsk salmonid: description, characteristic, reviews, photo

To keep chickens on a country plot is profitable and not too troublesome. There are many suitable breeds of this bird for severe Russian climatic conditions. The Zagorsky salmon belongs to their number. Chickens are very productive and unpretentious.

History of deducing

Obtained a breed of chickens Zagorsk salmon was through the crossing of New Hampshires, Rod-Ayland, as well as Yurlov and Russian whites. The result was a bird with a light beige "salmon" color of the feather. The work was carried out by breeders of the Institute of Zagorsk. Hence the name of the breed. The exterior of the males is very different from the appearance of the chickens. Plumage is not salmon, but white with black and red. Finally the breed was formed by 1959. Now it is one of the most popular.

Zagorskaya salmon breed of chickens: description

The main distinguishing features of this bird include the following:

  • Long, wide arched body;
  • Elastic, well developed abdomen;
  • Leaf-shaped erect ridge of medium size;
  • Yellow skin, legs and beak.

The feather of the Zagorian chickens on the chest is salmon, and the mane is dark brown. In the males, the chest, abdomen and tail are black, the mane is silvery, and the back is red-brown.

Economic value

Roosters of this breed can grow to a weight of 2.9-3.2 kg, chickens slightly smaller - 2.5-2.7 kg. The Zagorsky salmon chicken is also quite productive and in egg production. Chickens of this breed are ridden all year round. For 12 months, one individual can postpone up to 200 eggs. The shell is distinguished by a pleasant light brown color. The weight of one testicle is 58-62 grams. In general, the bird is actually from an economic point of view very good - the Zagorsky salmon breed of chickens. You can see a photo of its representatives on this page.


Sexual maturity Zagorian salmon chickens reach early enough. Chickens begin to sweep at the age of 5-5.5 months. Fertility of eggs in the breed is just excellent - almost 96%. At the same time, the yield of young animals is about 88%.

Zagorsk salmon are one of the few modern breeds that have preserved the instinct of incubation. Therefore, eggs can be left under the clubs. But more often chickens are taken out in incubators.

The Zohar salmon breed is often used as a paternal for obtaining hybrids. In this case, crossing is usually done with plymutrokami and new gemshire. Chickens are reduced to Cornish and Kuchin jubilee. In both cases, a very viable, rapidly gaining offspring (up to 1.5 kg to 2.5 months) is obtained. Preservation of youngsters by Zagorsk salmon is 94%.

Zagorskaya salmon breed of chickens: reviews

Owners of homesteads consider these chickens a very good purchase and in most cases advise their novice poultry farmers. The productivity of the Zagorian chickens, judging by the reviews, is really very good. To some of the shortcomings, the owners of the poultry house only consider their too active nature and some "stupidity". Resistance to diseases is rated "excellent". Very praise poultry farmers and the omnivorousness of this chicken, and also note the rapid weight gain of the young.

How to output in an incubator

If none of the chickens has settled on eggs, the chicks can be artificially removed if necessary. Incubators are now inexpensive, and therefore with their purchase no problems will certainly arise. Eggs for breeding chicks can be harvested within two weeks. Store them at a temperature of 8-15 degrees with a blunt end up.

A bookmark is best to hold all the eggs at once. Until the 11th day, the temperature inside the incubator should be maintained at 37.7-37.8 degrees. Up to 18 - 37.1-37.2, up to 21 - 36.9. That is, in the process of incubation, it should gradually be gradually reduced. If this is not done, some chickens may die at the last stage of development or hatch weakened.

During incubation, eggs should be turned over twice a day. It is better to sign them on both sides, for example, the letters "U" (morning) and "B" (evening), so that there is no confusion. When turning over at the same time and spraying with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.


Nestlings are born active, viable and coarse. Zagorskaya salmon breed of chickens is one of the few whose representatives can be distinguished on the floor right after hatching. The chickens on the back have cream strips or specks. Petushka Zagorskoe breeds are born purely zheltenkimi. A few days later, their wings begin to form black feathers. The chickens are fluffy-creamy. The weight of the chickens is very fast. By three months he is already about 2 kilograms.

Features of feeding

The Zagorian salmon breed is quite large in size. Therefore, these birds can be given not only grain, but also corn. Chickens are truly omnivores. In addition to cereals, they can be given root crops, vegetables, fruits and even leftovers from the table (for example, soup or porridge). It is desirable to feed three to four times a day, alternating cereals with mesocarpals. If the grass does not grow in the grass, between the feeds, cabbage leaves, quinoa, carrot tops, nettles, etc. must be thrown to the chickens.

Despite the fact that the Zagorsk salmon chicken is very hardy and viable, it needs only to feed it with fresh quality products. Do not give moldy bread or rotten carrots. Potatoes can be boiled, and you can give raw. In the latter case, sprouts are removed from it (they are poisonous for chickens, as for humans, and are rubbed on a large grater).

It is necessary to add a little salt to the mushrooms (it is important not to overdo it, otherwise it can lead to poisoning) and chalk. To improve egg production, special blends are being produced today. You can add a little bit of them. It is useful to give chickens and grated eggshells. In the poultry house or on the walk it is necessary to put a container with large sand and small pebbles.

Features of the content

Of course, like any other, the Zagorsky Salmon breed needs a well-equipped shed. In the poultry house it is necessary to fill the roosts (at a height of 80 cm from the floor), hang the nests and put the feeding trough with the water bowl. Contain salmon poultry usually on the ground. This bird is very alive and active in nature. Therefore, the cells are contraindicated. The paddock is made spacious, preferably on the south side of the barn. If you decide to release chickens directly into the yard, they will have to be watched. The bird is pretty cunning and will certainly find a way to get into the master's or neighbor's garden and eat vegetables from the beds.

Zagorskaya salmon breed of chickens, the characteristic of the productivity of which was given above, to all other things also tolerates the cold well. Therefore, it is not necessary to heat a shed. But you need to spread straw, hay or sawdust on the floor with a very thick (at least 40 cm) layer. This pillow on cold days will become a real heater. It will begin to undergo a different kind of biological processes with the release of heat.

You can keep Zagorsk chickens in winter and without such bedding. However, in this case, their egg-laying will be considerably reduced and restored only by summer.

As you can see, in the care of the Zagorsky salmon breed of chickens is very simple. Eat these birds almost all, are sick very rarely and are very temperamental. If you follow certain rules, which are not so many, you can well diversify your table with organic eggs and delicious chicken meat.

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