How do you know if a girl or a guy is changing you?

Betrayal in relationships is tantamount to death. This is always a betrayal, committed on the basis of a lack of attention on the part of a loving person. In love, it is like suicide.

How to learn treason? Interest Ask. This kind of betrayal is most often hushed up forever, especially if his family man has committed it. How do you know if a girl or a boyfriend changes you, if there is practically no trace left of it? This, so to speak, pure crime. The only thing that remains tainted is conscience. In the minds of the traitor, like any criminal, a certain time after the crime is committed, the sweet idea of treason will ripen again. The desire will again begin to prevail over the consciousness and over all the promises of faithfulness and love until death. If you scroll through the history of infidelity, it turns out that almost always about her learn by accident. Very often it turns out, as in an anecdote, when a husband comes home from work and finds his wife and lover. Many themselves issue their actions, relying on the fact that this recognition will destroy a marriage that is unkind to the heart and create a prerequisite for gaining freedom. Everyone who changes in love does this, because he feels some kind of imperfection, incompleteness of life, being near to the "officially" beloved person. Marriage is life, and all betrayal is death for marriage.

"Unofficial" treason

If in official relations you have to rely on the conscience and purity of the partner's intentions, although you live under the same roof, how do you know if a girl or boyfriend changes you in an informal relationship, when you both still have the status of just a couple in love? Human behavior will tell you everything. This is the only evidence that will alert, making it clear that something is wrong. The questions will begin. Avoiding the answer is even more alarming. And as we know, after trying the sweet forbidden fruit once, a person will want to "break" the next one. For the second time, a traitor or traitor will no longer hide from you the fact of disinterest in you as a partner. This will become clear from her or his actions and behavior. In her or in it will grow anguish, and with her and the thought of another treason or the departure from you. How do you know if a girl or a guy is changing you? Since this is practically impossible, one must rely on intuition and knowledge of the causes, and also pay attention to the changed state of your loved one.

In conclusion: the guys want to know ...

And how do you know that the girl is cheating on you? A specific question from the guys. Girls often give out their emotions. Just carefully monitor her behavior and actions, and perhaps you will understand everything. We need to pay more attention to the partner's emotional state , his experiences, desires and much more, in order not to let him be disappointed in life with you, to "cling" to the sharp stone of betrayal. That's how the answer to the frequently asked question is: "How do you know if a girl or a guy is changing you?" Nobody will tell you exactly how to do this. After all, treason is a crime without evidence. And the only "clue" is the human conscience.

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