What kind of work can provoke your partner into infidelity?

Modern workplaces are real hives full of dramas, gossip and broken hearts. In the course of the new study, a survey of participants was conducted - 5658 women told about their work, giving an idea of the professions whose representatives are more inclined to deceive their partners.

At the top of the list were bankers and stock brokers. You saw the movie "The Wolf from Wall Street", did not you?

So which profession provokes infidelity?

  1. Financial workers (brokers, bankers, analysts).
  2. Aviation (pilots, flight attendants).
  3. Health (doctors, nurses).
  4. Business (managers, managers, secretaries).
  5. Sports (athletes, instructors, representatives).
  6. Art (musicians, models, actors, photographers).
  7. Work at night in the service sector (DJs, dancers, waiters).
  8. Legal sector (lawyers, secretaries, prosecutors, judges).
  9. Media (journalists, public relations).
  10. Other sectors.

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