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To smoke or not to smoke? The effect of smoking on the human body

One of the most dangerous and common addictions of mankind is smoking. A lot of men and women every day, smoking a cigarette after a cigarette, lose their health. Of course, smoking or not smoking, on the one hand, is a private matter for everyone, but on the other - the nation becomes more and more sick every year, and smoking plays an important role here. The main thing is that no one denies that smoking kills sooner or later, but not everyone can do away with this dangerous habit. As a result, while millions of people die from cancer and chronic bronchitis, someone gets huge profits from the production and sale of tobacco products without thinking about the moral side of such a business.

The concept of passive smoking

In addition, when deciding to smoke or not to smoke, think about close people, because cigarette smoke negatively affects not only the most smoking person, but also irreparably damages the health of people in the vicinity. So, for today it is already proved, that people surrounding a person smoking, inhaling a smoke, can be ill with all illnesses, characteristic for the smoker. This is because only a quarter of harmful tobacco smoke enters the body of a smoker, the rest of it flies into the air, harming close people. This phenomenon, scientists called the name "passive smoking". In rooms with closed windows, a dangerous concentration of smoke for the body of nonsmokers is achieved when only two cigarettes are smoked. Thus, even if only one person smokes, the rest of the family passively "smoke" about ten cigarettes a day.

History of tobacco in Russia

For a long time, tobacco was not encouraged in Russia. Thus, at the beginning of the 17th century tobacco smoking was punished with corporal punishment, and at the end of the century smokers were even threatened with the death penalty or cutting off their noses. And tobacco could not only not smoke, but also trade it, and also store houses. The use of tobacco was banned until Peter the Great came to power. As is known, the emperor loved European customs and tried to bring them to the Russian land, and with regard to tobacco, he also lifted all prohibitions. Peter himself also became addicted to nicotine, as a result of which smoking quickly became fashionable. He even created a series of decrees regulating the distribution and smoking of tobacco. For example, to inhale and exhale smoke was allowed only through special tubes intended for smoking. This position of tobacco in Russia persisted until the end of the 20th century.

The first factories for processing tobacco were built in 1705, in St. Petersburg and Akhtyrka. In addition, in the same year, a decree was issued on the distribution of tobacco through the burmasters.

By the middle of the 18th century, smoking in Russia was already widespread. Without this drug, not a single holiday and not a single meeting was organized.

Catherine continued to encourage the use of tobacco, allowing free sale, which led to the emergence of private tobacco shops. By the way, at that time the question whether to smoke or not to smoke was especially relevant, since tobacco was not only smoked but also sniffed.

It should be noted that first imported tobacco was used, but by the end of the 18th century local tobacco was no worse than foreign tobacco. The most popular type of smoking mixture was Ammersford tobacco, which was popularly called "makhorka".

Since then, smoking in Russia is constantly gaining momentum, subordinating the drug addiction of all new people.

Reasons for people to start smoking

Most often, people start to smoke, imitating friends and acquaintances, then a conditioned reflex is developed . If we talk about long-term smoking, then we are talking about drug dependence.

Most people smoke simply because they are used to doing it. They do not get any pleasure from nicotine, however to give up this habit does not have enough willpower. In reality, they simply do not have enough reasons to refuse cigarettes. This is proved by the fact that people who are on treatment with severe diseases caused by smoking, immediately forget about their bad habit. About 70% of people do not have a real need for tobacco, and therefore can easily quit smoking. This is also evidenced by the numerous reviews of people who smoke earlier who have parted with this habit, quite easily. So you need to realize as soon as possible the danger of this hobby and quit smoking.

Smoking of narcotic grass

For the first time, hemp for smoking began to be used in America in the 70's. Prior to this, the plant was used exclusively in medicine and for making hemp oil. Young people, who created the hippy movement, began to practice smoking marijuana as a means of relaxation. As a result, this drug is the second most consumed in the world, giving way only to tobacco.

If you recall the Soviet times, hemp grew freely in the vegetable gardens of the villagers as a weed and feed for birds. To date, the cultivation of this plant is pursued by law, as it turned out that hemp contains narcotic substances called "kanabinoids" that can change the mind and psyche of a smoker. In addition, after they hit the human body, there is a decrease in blood pressure, pain in the heart, memory loss, rapid pulse, which can lead to death. Also, prolonged smoking of marijuana causes cancer of the lungs and larynx, infertility, mental disorder, the sense of meaninglessness of life, which results in deep depression and often suicide. The current view that smoking cannabis is safe is nothing more than a myth.

How tobacco affects human health

Before making a decision, smoking or not smoking, you need to know that in the human body there are no organs to which tobacco smoke would not have a negative impact.

Since the content of oxygen in the smoker's blood is low, there is a spasm of the cerebral vessels, which affects the memory, working capacity and condition of the nervous system. The person feels irritability, suffers from headaches and insomnia.

Passing through the respiratory system, smoke containing harmful substances adversely affects all respiratory organs, irritating the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, larynx, bronchi. The most harmless consequences of this effect can be frequent colds, in more serious cases, smoking leads to cancer. In addition, with prolonged smoking, the voice gap narrows, and the voice becomes hoarse, losing its voicelessness.

Also, people who smoke constantly have a characteristic cough, which indicates an inflammation of the respiratory tract, which eventually changes into a chronic form, causing pneumonia and bronchial asthma.

In addition, a systematically smoking person suffers from various diseases of the circulatory system: he may have high blood pressure, as well as a violation of cardiac activity, including the onset of heart attacks.

The gastrointestinal system of the smoker suffers no less from the poisonous substances contained in nicotine. Tobacco smoke irritates the salivary glands, causing increased separation of saliva, which, getting into the stomach, has a harmful effect on the digestive system. In addition, a person's teeth become yellow, bleeding gums, caries and bad breath appear.

In addition, the negative impact of smoking on sexual activity and male genital function is known.

Influence of cigarettes on the appearance of girls

It is proved that the harmful elements contained in tobacco negatively affect not only the internal organs, but also the appearance of the person. First of all, women are exposed to the influence of nicotine, on the skin of which the drug leaves visible traces. It has been scientifically proven that smoking girls have a dry skin of earthy color, prone to early appearance of wrinkles. In addition, the skin loses its elasticity, nasolabial folds and bags appear under the eyes, cheeks enter, the aging process begins. Women, suffering from this addiction, spoil their teeth, split and dull their hair, turn yellow and gloss over their nails.

In addition, smoking significantly reduces the production of estrogen hormones, the lack of which not only contributes to rapid aging, but also disrupts the menstrual cycle, leading to infertility.

Smoking girls should be careful with the sun, their skin is exposed to oxidative processes in a few minutes under the action of sun rays. For the same reason, they are contraindicated in a solarium, as well as some cosmetic procedures. For example, smoking girls can not do face peeling using abrasive particles and various acids, since you can severely injure the thin skin.

Smoking during child bearing

Smoking, in principle, is a very harmful habit for any girl. Moreover, it is dangerous if a woman is expecting a child, since in this case she exposes herself to unjustified risk not only her own health, but also risks precious health, and often life, of a unborn baby. Doctors have proved that at a time when a pregnant woman smokes, the child in her womb coughs and sneezes, choking with smoke. As a result, oxygen ceases to be supplied to it in sufficient quantity for normal development, which leads not only to delivery before the due date, but also can contribute to the death of the fetus. In addition, smoking mothers are threatened with the birth of an unhealthy child with underweight.

There is an opinion that if a girl smoked before the pregnancy came, then the cessation of nicotine intake into the body could have a negative impact. Adhering to this theory, many girls in the situation continue to smoke, at best slightly reducing the number of cigarettes. In fact, if a pregnant woman smokes, this can always have more dangerous consequences for the child, rather than a sharp rejection of nicotine.

Smoking among children and youth

Since the majority of people begin to smoke as early as childhood and school age, the fight against smoking should begin at an early age. Children should be aware of the harmful effects of nicotine on the body of a person who smokes. Talking about the harmful effects of tobacco, it is necessary to convince children that smoking is very dangerous for health, for which it is advisable not only to conduct conversations, but also to use photographs and posters, and also to show documentary films devoted to this topic. Work should be carried out in close cooperation of parents, teachers and public organizations. As a result, students should understand that smoking is not an indicator of adulthood and prestige, but a time-consuming suicide.

Disappointing statistics

In the modern world, about three million people die every year from smoking, and it is estimated that in thirty years this figure will increase to ten million. Scientists have calculated that, since 1950, smoking has taken away the lives of sixty-two million people, which is much more than what was lost in World War II. The most acute problem of smoking is in Central and Eastern Europe, where for a year this addiction kills about 700 thousand people, which is one quarter of all deaths in the world.

In Russia, the use of nicotine is also growing every year. So, for the last seventeen years the number of cigarettes consumed by the population has grown from one hundred seventy to seven hundred billion a year.

Getting rid of tobacco addiction

The longer a person smokes, the stronger it is, depending on the nicotine. In addition, every year the probability of independent disposal of the addiction is significantly reduced. Many people, unable to get rid of addiction, smoke for decades. And it's not that they do not understand that smoking and health are incompatible concepts, but simply they do not have the strength of spirit at first, then comes the narcotic dependence on tobacco, in which only medical treatment can help.

Undoubtedly, there is a small percentage of people who, once deciding to give up tobacco, no longer return to smoking. In most cases, a smoking person refuses nicotine only for a while, and at the slightest stress, or by hitting a corresponding company, returns to cigarettes again. In addition, the relapse of tobacco dependence can occur even after several years, since the last cigarette was smoked. Most often it happens under the influence of alcohol or stressful situation. And that the habit is back, only one cigarette is enough.

If for the person the answer to a question. Smoke or not smoke, definitely negative, and get rid of dependence on yourself, do not waste time and delay visiting a medical facility.

Of course, there are various drugs that can be bought without prescription and prescription at any pharmacy, but they do not always help to get rid of addiction, besides some medicines have contraindications and serious side effects. Therefore, it is safer and more reliable to turn to specialists. As a rule, clinics that relieve the addiction to nicotine, use not only medicines, but also hypnotic drugs, as well as psychotherapeutic techniques. Working with physicians-psychologists is especially important, as suggestion sessions allow you to restructure the mindset of a smoker and teach you to enjoy life without nicotine. It is such an integrated approach that allows you to permanently rid people of tobacco dependence and restore lost health.

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