A girl from Hong Kong was born pregnant with her own brother and sister

According to a new report from the World Health Organization, a girl was born in Hong Kong, in the body of which the embryos of her brother and sisters were found. How could it happen that the newborn was pregnant? We ask the scientists about this.

Fetus in the fetus

The pathology known as "the fruit in the fetus" is known to medicine. Of course, such phenomena are incredibly rare, and there is an average of one on 500,000 registered newborns. Due to the fact that an anomaly is extremely rare, scientists have little information to reveal the true cause of what is happening.

Obstetrician-gynecologist from Pittsburgh, Dr. Drejon Burch, says that it is not yet possible to understand what strange things happen in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, for the time being it is possible to consider a phenomenon called "fruit in the fruit" of one of the medical secrets.

Discrepancy between opinions

Regarding the last case, the World Health Organization has its own opinion. Experts believe that the tiny embryos found in the body of the baby - a teratoma or benign tumor, formed from the cells of the embryo.

However, physicians who directly observed the newborn believe that the embryos are the remains of unformed twins that were absorbed by the girl's body at an early stage of pregnancy in the womb.

Embryo removal surgery

The newborn girl was referred for examination to specialists of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, because according to the medical history of the child, there were suspicions of a tumor. This was clarified at the stage of prenatal ultrasound examination of the mother. It was then that an unusual compaction in the fetal body was discovered, but at that time it was impossible to establish the origin of the foreign mass. At the age of 3 weeks the newborn girl was operated on, as a result of which surgeons discovered two real fetuses located in the abdominal cavity between the liver and one of the kidneys.

According to the conclusion of the doctors, reflected in the protocol of operation, the first fetus had a mass corresponding to 8 weeks of pregnancy, the mass of the second fetus corresponded to 10 weeks. Each of the embryos had an umbilical cord connected to the placenta, and they functioned normally at the time of the operation. However, it is obvious that in the future fruit could not have developed under such conditions. The doctors came to the conclusion that the newborn girl was one of the triplets and, for unknown reasons, swallowed the embryos of her brother and sister.

Similarity to the vanishing twin syndrome

The pathology of the "fruit in the fetus" actually has some similarity to another more common phenomenon, which is referred to as the vanishing twin syndrome. So, one of the twins during pregnancy of the mother is able to completely be absorbed or disappear in the body of her brother or sister. When the birth occurs, obstetricians sometimes extract from the mother's womb an additional placenta or umbilical cord, concluding that the newborn should have had a twin.


Scientific medicine knows about two hundred cases of pathology "fetus in the fetus." So, in 2006 in Pakistan, two fetuses were removed from the body of a two-month-old girl, and in 2011 an 18-year-old boy was subjected to a complicated operation to remove the twin. In very rare cases, the fruits that died in the womb of the mother are able to calcify and completely turn into stone. In August 2014 in India, a 60-year-old woman was removed from the fossil of a child she had worn in her body for more than 30 years.

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