Breast cancer, its symptoms and treatment methods

Breast cancer is really nothing more than a malignant tumor formed in the tissues of the breast. The cells of this tumor originate from the tissues of the gland itself, but for a variety of reasons they lost the properties of a normal cell and began to multiply intensively. Unfortunately, just breast cancer ranks second in the mortality rate of the female part of the population.

Breast cancer: the causes of tumor formation . In fact, science can not name the exact reasons for the appearance of such a disease. It is believed that there is a heredity, but the statistics show that only 10% of sick women have a genetic predisposition to such a disease.

In addition, the risk of developing a malignant tumor significantly increases among women who do not have children, often performed abortions. Constant nervous experiences, diseases of the endocrine system, incorrect and unbalanced nutrition - all this can lead to such grave consequences as cancer. In addition, precursors of cancer are certain forms of mastopathy, as well as severe injuries or chest blows.

Signs of breast cancer . In view of the unprecedented prevalence of this disease, the first signs of breast cancer should be known to everyone. They are quite easy to determine during self-examination.

Typically, the tumor is a lump located directly in the tissues of the gland or under the armpit. This structure does not change during the period. On the other hand, breast cancer can be accompanied by changes in the contour, shape or size of the breast. A sign of a tumor may be the presence of a solid rocky seal.

It is worth paying attention to the skin of the breast. If she blushed or changed, then this should alert you. Any changes in the shape of the nipple and the area of the areola, as well as the presence of uncharacteristic or even bloody discharge from the nipples - this is an excuse to get worried and make an appointment with a specialist.

At the very beginning of its development, breast cancer is localized only in the tissues of the breast. But over time, malignant cells can spread throughout the body - in this case they talk about metastases, which is much more dangerous. That is why earlier detection of the disease is the key to success in its treatment.

Diagnosis of breast cancer . The easiest and easiest way to diagnose it is by monthly examinations, which women can conduct themselves. This procedure is recommended for approximately 3 to 5 days after the end of menstruation. If you notice any changes in the shape of the breast, or you are worried about discomfort and soreness, then you should immediately go to the hospital.

As for the examination with a doctor, he must necessarily perform palpation, and also ask about the presence of such diseases among close relatives. Based on the information received, the patient is given additional examinations - this may be a mammogram or ultrasound examination of the gland.

The most accurate method for determining breast cancer is tissue biopsy. Laboratory tests will show the presence of malignant cells. In addition, additional tests are performed on the sample taken, for example, a reaction to hormones. All this helps to choose the appropriate method of treatment.

Breast cancer: how to treat . Methods of treatment and elimination of cancer can be prescribed only by a group of doctors, and they depend on the age and condition of the sick woman, as well as the stage of tumor development.

Methods of treatment can be local or systematic. Local treatment is aimed at removing the tumor, slowing its development. These include radiation therapy, as well as surgical removal operations.

As for systemic treatment, its goal is to eliminate absolutely all malignant cells in the body. To this end, they use chemotherapy or hormone treatment. In most cases, several methods are used to eliminate cancer.

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