This nasty scabies: symptoms, leakage, treatment

Scabies - infectious skin disease, the originator of which - a microscopic scabies mite. It is also mentioned in ancient medical treatises: in those days it was a real scourge of humanity. In difficult years (crop failure, war, epidemics) scabies could affect up to 30% of the population. The absence of elementary hygienic conditions contributed to its spread.

Getting on the skin of a man, a scabby tick is introduced into it. Female do in its corneous layer multiple moves, laying eggs in them - this is how scabies develop. Symptoms of it are quite unpleasant: the strongest itching, redness of the skin and rashes, which in the beginning look like papules, and later - vesicles (vesicles). The skin is also brushed. Examining the affected places under the table lamp, you can see the twisting strokes of the itch mite - they have a gray color. Armed with a magnifying glass, at the beginning of the stroke you can see the parasite itself in the form of a dark dot.

Diagnosis of scabies is usually not difficult. With erased its picture - for example, the indistinguishability of tick movements or the absence of itching, the first place here is given to laboratory methods. Scabies, the symptoms of which are quite typical, usually affects the interdigital spaces of the hands, then spreads to the inner side of the wrists, feet, armpits, elbows and further - throughout the body. Now it happens infrequently, as the patient in a timely manner applies for medical help. In former times, it happened that the entire body of the patient, except for the face, was covered with an itchy rash. Scabies, the symptoms of which are well known and repeatedly described, may not be felt for a sufficiently long time, up to four weeks. Gradually develops sensitization, that is, increased sensitivity to the products of mites - at this moment the patient and begins to feel itch. With a second infection, he appears at the very beginning of the disease. When scabies are great chances of joining a bacterial infection and the development of pyoderma as a result of infection of the rash when combing.

In spite of the fact that scabies are a more unpleasant disease than dangerous, with its neglected forms complications can develop: These include, first of all, skin diseases - allergic dermatitis, bacterial eczema, furunculosis, abscesses. In especially severe cases, it is possible to develop lymphadenitis, erysipelas, and even pneumonia and septicemia! Thus, scabies, the symptoms of which are usually well pronounced, conceals a potential danger.

Scabies are perfectly treated with modern drugs for external use. The product is carefully rubbed into the skin. If there are several patients in the family, the treatment should be carried out at the same time. If the treatment plan and other medical recommendations are followed, recovery usually takes place after a few days. However, it should be understood that scabies are extremely contagious and are transmitted not only through direct contact (for example, handshake), but also through personal things. Therefore, in addition to treatment, it is also necessary to disinfect the patient's personal belongings, as well as upholstered furniture and bed linen, which are used by other family members. Things that can not be subjected to boiling should be treated with a steam generator (soft furniture can be ironed). In winter, you can lay down soft toys, pillows and clothes in plastic bags and take them out to frost - in sub-zero temperatures parasites will die within two hours. It is necessary to warn about scabies of all those who directly contacted the sick person.

Two weeks after the course of the patient, the doctor should examine the doctor to assess the possible consequences of scabies and, if necessary, decide on a re-treatment.

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