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Network companies in Russia - an excellent start to start

Despite the huge income received from the network business, in Russia it covers only 6 percent of the population who are engaged in direct sales, that is, they create network companies. However, there is considerable dynamics. Every year, new network companies appear in Russia, which are developing much faster than traditional sales companies. Of course, in the first place in this business are countries such as China, Japan and India.

A very sensitive moment in the network business is the absence of any legislative base in Russia, whereas in Japan and America, for example, there is a whole branch of laws on network marketing. This situation only leads to fertile ground for fraudulent actions, which, unfortunately, are still observed to this day. Fortunately we have a special association, which at least somehow controls the network companies of Russia, causing some confidence in them. In the database of this association there are only 15 organizations that can be trusted. When there are new companies in the network business, one can not be 100% confident that they will be able to stay among a large number of competitors. In any case, someone will go bankrupt, and there is nothing shameful or scary about this, it's business.

Those people who decided to work in a network marketing company in Russia should understand that they may have to invest their personal funds, have a lot to communicate with people, study products and just tune in to the fact that customers will be very different, and to perceive every failure To your personal account is strictly prohibited. Many people have achieved significant heights in this business, for example, such network companies in Russia as Oriflame, Avon, Amway and Mary Kay. Among their leaders there are diamond prize-winners with apartments and cars and a huge team of successful distributors behind their backs around the world.

As a rule, Russian network companies provide their employees with complete freedom of action, the opportunity to build their own work day, choose the weekend and earn as much as they want. Such a positive fact has its own specific nuances, because, on the one hand, everything is good, and you are your own boss, and on the other hand - at the initial stage there is no stability, in one month you can make good money, but in the other nothing, but it's only A matter of time. If there is a goal and desire, and most importantly, knowledge of your product or service, then everything will necessarily happen.

Successful network companies in Russia have a certain established and well-established tactic of professional business conduct, capable of building a stable business. Beginners need to tune in for a slow but promising result, as large amounts of money can not be earned immediately, especially in large companies, where there is competition, covering about 80% of the entire market. Only with the acquisition of experience and the awareness of all the subtleties of the network business can you reach a decent and stable income.

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