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Umbrella for ventilation: varieties, scope and installation rules

A ventilation umbrella is a device that is used to improve the air-exhaust process in industrial premises, in the chemical industry, and also in everyday life.

Product classification

Due to the wide range of applications, these devices come in a variety of varieties. Let's consider the main types.

Hoods for industry and household kitchen umbrellas

These two completely different concepts are in fact not much different. If to compare with the industrial adaptation, the household umbrella ventilation has a number of features:

  • Small sizes that are suitable for conventional kitchen stoves;
  • The fan in these hoods has little power or is not installed at all;
  • Filters made of paper or fiber are used to trap fats.

But these differences are not particularly pronounced. Kitchen ventilation hood, which is installed in large cottages, in its characteristics is identical to industrial. Extraction devices for barbecue and barbecue are endowed with a very simple design. Basically, they are made in the form of a hollow dome without additional devices. In such ventilation umbrellas intended for premises, a spark-curving grill, a grease trap, a fan and other additional equipment is installed.

Ventilation table-umbrella

A device that is used in the chemical industry, as well as laboratories. In such cases, specialized hoods are used.

These devices are divided into two types according to their design:

Wall-mount umbrella

It has a simple design and is mounted directly to the wall above the stove. This is what caused its name.

Umbrella ventilation island

It is fixed to the ceiling. It is intended for equipment on which food is prepared, installed in the central part of the room or at a certain distance from the walls. This type of hood, designed for the kitchen, is equipped with not one set of filters. This is because they do not join the wall and have two pivot edges.

How to choose a ventilation hood?

The presence of a large range of goods, allows you to choose for yourself an individual option.

An exhaust hood made of stainless steel is a hood with a hole that is connected by duct to sewer systems. But it will be more functional if it is equipped with additional equipment.

  • Filters to catch fat, clean the air of oil impurities;
  • For added comfort, the industrial or household hood is equipped with lighting;
  • When working with an open flame, a filter with a sparking grid is installed;
  • The fan is optional, but it is a fairly significant element that helps to trap air and directs it to the filter and air duct.

How to properly install the hood ?

Another important task is the correct installation of the device above the equipment. Here are some installation tips:

  • The kitchen hood is located just above the place where food is prepared, and the equipment centers must match. This is an important condition.
  • Household hood size should be more equipment for a couple of centimeters, and industrial - by 10 cm. In each case, there should be an individual approach.
  • The best mounting height above the kitchen stove or equipment in the industry is from 70 to 110 cm.

The result

A huge range of this type of product allows everyone to choose a suitable vent umbrella, the price of which will be quite acceptable (from 4000 to 60,000 rubles.). The cost of this device depends on its design (wall or island, with a grid sparking or a labyrinth filter), as well as the size of the equipment and the configuration of the hood.

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