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Khimki Stadium is the best in the country!

In our country every year there are more and more stadiums and sports complexes that meet the international standards of UEFA and the RFU. Stadium (arena) "Khimki" by right is considered the best in our country. It accommodates up to 20,000 spectators, which allows you to spend on it not only football, but also other sports, entertainment events.

Stadium "Khimki" is located on the site of the former sports complex "Novator". The arena includes not only the stadium, but also a number of additional buildings. To them it is possible to carry:

  • Multi-level parking lot;
  • Training center for football players.

The grandstand seats are equipped with canopies, which allow watching matches not only in good weather. Roofs are designed according to European standards, which guarantees the best protection of the viewer from adverse weather conditions.

The best stadium of the country

Stadium "Khimki" is ranked the best stadium in the country due to a number of factors. To them it is possible first of all to attribute technical equipment.

It was noted above that the arena has a multi-level parking. As the administration of the stadium plans, soon another training center will appear on the roof of the parking lot, which will allow training more players. In addition, this sports facility will be with an artificial lawn of a new generation.

Of course, parking is not the only advantage of the arena. Stadium "Khimki" is equipped with two huge placards, which provide an image of the highest quality. Thanks to such screens, the viewer can view in detail the events that take place on the field. For example, see the replay goal, the sharp and controversial moments of the match.

The designers of the stadium paid much attention to such a question as the safety of fans. Dozens of cameras that are located in the arena, and along its perimeter, allow for continuous video surveillance, which is an important factor for the safety of viewers, given their huge number. In addition to video surveillance, the maintenance of public order is facilitated by the latest well thought-out access system of viewers, which has proved itself in Europe.

Equipment of the tribune

People who worked to create the stadium, made every effort to create the most comfortable conditions for the audience. In addition, that the stands are equipped with comfortable seats and a roof, which protects well from rain and snow, the stadium provides different categories of spectator seats. Tribunes can be conditionally divided into five zones:

1) Common seats - standard ergonomic chairs, on which the total mass of spectators is located.

2) Places for people with disabilities. Stadium "Khimki" Has 120 places for people with disabilities. Such places are equipped with ramps, allowing people on wheelchairs with maximum convenience to observe the events that unfold in the stadium.

3) Six VIP-sectors.

4) Business boxes in the amount of 14 pieces; These are the best places from which high-ranking politicians or celebrities watch the match.

5) Press box.

The stadium is also equipped with a special lodge for media representatives.

Scheme of the stadium "Khimki"

Below is a graphic depiction of the "Khimki" arena scheme.

Schematic description

As you can see, in the center there is a playing field, which is surrounded by stands, which in turn are divided into four sectors:

1) Rostrum A

This sector has four types of boxes:

  • Press box (with the best overview);
  • VIP-boxes;
  • Boxes for spectators.

2) Rostrum B

3) Rostrum D

4) Tribune C

Here, besides ordinary places, there are business boxes.

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