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What is a foul? Violations in football, basketball and hockey

Every sports lover, when viewing a game, heard from the commentator or participants an incomprehensible term for English sound. Almost in all kinds of competitions it is used, has a general purpose, but it differs nuances. Let's try to answer the frequently asked question: "What is a foul?"


The word went from the English combination foul play, which literally means "dishonest game." Thus, a game foul is a technique that violates accepted rules. Very often it is a rude push of an opponent, a step, a blow to the opponent or a game of forbidden parts of the body. Consider the types of violations in the most popular and spectacular sports.


In one of the most common and spectacular sports are very common violations. To fix them and remove the decision on the field is the judge. To ensure that the outcome is the closest to the real state of affairs, he must pay attention to many reasons:

  • Is the moment a specially arranged player or by imprudence.
  • Force of influence and other nuances.

Consider carefully what is a foul in football.

In order for the referee to stop the game and give a free kick, the player must commit one of the violations:

  1. A step or kick, as well as an attempt to inflict on their opponent.
  2. A jump or an attack on the player of the opposite side.
  3. Game by hand.
  4. Push or delay the opponent.
  5. Unsporting behavior.
  6. A delay in the game or an attempt to stop the ball from being carried to the goalkeeper.
  7. A dangerous game.

Foul in football can be earned not only by the field player, but also by the goalkeeper. To do this, he must touch the ball with his hands on the territory not intended by the rules or after the transfer of his partner.

For violations during the game, the judge has the right to issue a warning orally, show a yellow card or remove from the field until the end of the match.


Now consider the answer to the question, what is a foul in basketball. The following actions of the player are a violation of this sport:

  1. Blow on the hands.
  2. Push or delay.
  3. Offensive to the feet or the player's knee.

An athlete who has committed one of these actions receives an individual comment from the arbitrator. It is called a foul. If during the game the competitor receives 5 warnings (in the National Basketball League 6 comments are used), he is replaced by a substitute, and he leaves the court until the end of the match.

Also there are mutual fouls in basketball. They arise when the athletes of both teams simultaneously break the rules.

There are 3 types of violations:

  1. Technical foul. It is given to the player for unsporting behavior. Also it can get a coach and spare players.
  2. Deliberate. A rough game or an error leading to a ball in the basket.
  3. Disqualifying. This is the most serious violation. It leads to the removal of the athlete from the site, regardless of the number of fouls recruited.


This sport is played by the most brave athletes, violations in it occur in every game, as well as in large quantities. Let's try to figure out what a foul in hockey is.

In this contact kind of sport it is allowed to impose a force struggle. But not every reception and collision is permitted by the rules. Some actions lead to punishment of players:

  1. Push the player on board.
  2. Hit the opponent with a stick.
  3. Wrong attack of the opponent. Footboard, attack from behind, elbow or stick.
  4. Rudeness and fight.
  5. Playing with a high-pitched stick.
  6. Attack of an opponent without a puck.
  7. Delay the athlete with his hands or stick.
  8. Pull the washer out of the site.

For these violations, the Chief Justice appoints a punishment. If there are difficulties, lateral assistants help him. The penalty may be 2, 5, 10 minutes, removal for a whole period (20 minutes) or until the end of the match.

A small fine is assigned for minor violations. The player leaves to rest for 2 minutes in a special box. If the penalty is assigned to the goalkeeper, then for him on the penalty box is any player, which will indicate the coach. The time of disqualification can be canceled if the opponent scores a goal.

The big penalty is given for a rough foul and lasts 5 minutes. Additionally, disciplinary punishment may be imposed. Time is served by any player chosen by the captain.

Penalty and skipping of the next match. The athlete is removed from the arena into the premises under the stands, gets disqualified for the next game, and the team receives 5 minutes penalty.

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