What is auth key? Where is it used and what is its role?

We use the services on the Internet, most often without even knowing how they are arranged and functioning. Without hesitation, how information about us is transmitted between this or that service, we simply make the transitions from the site to the site, from one application to another. At the same time, of course, there is an instantaneous exchange of information between this or that server. To let you know a little more about how the information is arranged on the Internet, we are writing this article. In it we will describe what is auth key, where it is applied and what is its role in the daily work of each of us.

Auth key is ...

So, as can be understood from the very abbreviation, the full form of this term is the phrase "authorization key", which is translated from English as an "authorization key". This name fully reflects the role of this mechanism and its essence. The key itself is a 32-character-generated code that is used to authorize a user on third-party services.

To explain what an auth key is, you can: so that the service knows that you are you, it requests your code sent by another service. Thus, among themselves the Internet resources exchange information about your identifier, allowing you to "recognize" you. In this case, you will not need to require re-authorization, for example, by entering a login and password, or confirming with a password. By a unique key, you "learn" even without your participation at one time. Convenient, agree.

Where is auth key transfer used?

Once you understand what auth key is, you should clarify the scope of its use. For example, you will be able to understand this category more clearly and more clearly than just reading the definition.

The id number auth key is used in the most common form in the case of social networks and applications that run on their platform.

It's no secret that all the games and applications that are available to us on the VC network are not created by Vkontakte administrators, but by third-party developers. This means that some game is not physically located on the servers of the social network, but somewhere else.

Go ahead: the task of the application is to perform those commands and tasks that the user puts before the user who has moved to his page. But how to implement this process (user request from Vkontakte servers, addressed, say, to the game "Wormix")? Very simple! The social network sends your unique key - auth key (VK as an example will be the most accessible to each of us) - the game. In turn, she checks your key with the key of the person who created your account and, if this parameter matches, you are authorized. It's interesting, is not it?

You do not need to enter a password and login, re-confirming yourself and authorizing. No, it all happens that the user does not even notice that he is accessing a third-party resource - the application.

How do I find out my auth key?

Approximately, you figured out what the auth key is. How to look it, and whether it is possible to do it, we will consider in this paragraph of our article.

So, since the authorization key is passed between the network and the application using your browser, you, of course, can find it and see it with your own eyes. Moreover, this characteristic does not change and is your unique key when working with social networks (and not only).

To see it, you can go to the "VC" site and go to an application. Next, we need to refer to the source code of the page on which the game is located - this is done with the "hot keys" Ctrl + U. Clicking them, you will see a white sheet with a lot of numbers and letters. This is the site code, its symbolic display. Here we need to search for the parameter "auth_key", so you can start these words in the form of a page search. Call it, incidentally, can be a combination of Ctrl + F. Next, we will display the parameter that we described.

Why not publish your auth key anywhere?

Your authorization key is a unique parameter, in fact, allowing you to access the social network (and not only). In fact, this data is equivalent to the username and password at the same time. Now you understand why it is not recommended to open it to strangers? If you leave this key somewhere on the network, it is possible that specialists who know what auth key is, more and can imitate it, will be able to use it for their own purposes. Why do you need this?

Manipulation with auth key

In fact, you can manipulate the authorization key. At least, so do the players of some popular applications "Vkontakte". This is done in the following way: you need to find out the auth_key of the user who has more achievements than you do, after which you go to the server under his key. Thus, the service recognizes you as that player, and in fact you get into his account (in the game). For example, they cheat in Wormix and "Tyuryag" - the most popular toys "Vkontakte". Similar manipulations are obviously possible with other applications.

However, we do not recommend doing so. If the authorization key is substituted for fraud, it is illegal and immoral. In the same case, if it is a question of cheating games and other entertainment services - then doing it in general, in our opinion, is meaningless. The essence of the game is to enjoy the process, and not cheat.

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