The Windows Script Host service crashed. Error. How to fix it with the simplest methods?

Quite often, users of Windows-based systems are faced with the problem that when they try to automatically install updates, the system issues a warning about the Windows Script Host service failure. How to fix it, now it will be considered. To do this, you can use several basic methods.

What does Windows Script Host fail?

As to the nature of the failure itself and the occurrence of errors, the reason can be only that the system either does not find updates, or installs them incorrectly.

For example, in case of communication failure, a huge number of messages with a variety of codes can appear. Of all the possible situations, the most common failures are 80070002 and 800A0046 Windows Script Host. How to fix this situation?

I'll have to use my knowledge on manual management of services. In particular, we are interested in the update system itself.

Windows Script Host. Error. How to fix (code 80070002)

In the simplest case, you need to use the administration section where the services menu is selected (the easiest way is to start the services editor through the "Run" console, where the services.msc command is prescribed).

Here you need to find the Update Center service and use the process stop line in the right-click menu. But to fix the failure, this is not all of the action, since a Windows Script Host error message may appear again. How to fix the situation?

Next, go to the root directory of the system and find there directory SoftwareDistribution. There is a folder called Downloads, from which you just need to delete all the contents. After that, we return to the services section and re-run the client update.

Then we enter directly into the "Update Center" and start the manual search for updates. When they are found, they should be installed (you may need to reboot the system).

Windows Script Host. Error. How do I fix it (code 800A0046)?

There is another unpleasant situation. Another possible type of failure is Windows Script Host. How can I fix problems while issuing the above code? First, you need to understand the nature of the problem.

It is believed that in this case the user is observing a security descriptor failure of the system. In the simplest version, you just need to delete the account that causes the crash (this is done using the group membership section).

However, it is better to use the security policy editor (the secpol.msc command in the "Run" menu). Here you need to use the security policy node, and then select the user rights section to install the client impersonation after authentication. Then, add the user or group on the tab of the local security settings to the appropriate list, save the changes and restart the computer.

Finally, you can use the RPC client. To do this, use the same section of services, where you select a line with an indication of RPC, then the properties set the input with a system account. Again, after you save the changes, you should completely reboot the system.

Instead of the total

The error itself is not critical and is eliminated quite simply. In some cases, even the simplest option, like browsing and manually removing updates (some of them can really cause system crashes) can help. This is done from the same "Update Center". In extreme cases, if the user knows exactly when the error occurred, you can even use the usual system restore, only when selecting the points you need to display all of them, and then roll back to the specified state. But the above methods work.

Naturally, if the simplest solutions do not give the proper result, it is better to use exactly what was presented. Of course, a little digging is necessary, but a hundred percent error correction in this case is guaranteed.

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