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How to cook mashed potatoes

Surely many believe that there is no wisdom in how to make mashed potatoes: mashed boiled potatoes and please eat. However, the study of special literature allows us to conclude that there are different ways of preparing this simple, but very tasty dish.

With what it is necessary to begin? Potatoes should be thoroughly cleaned, cut out eyes (if any), remove dark deposits of starch. Cut the peeled tubers with small pieces and throw them into boiling salted water. At first, the boiling stops, so you need to wait a minute, when the water boils again, then reduce the heat and cook the vegetable until done.

After the potato has become soft, the saucepan is removed from the fire, the water in which the potatoes were boiled is drained. Some housewives pour out the resulting broth, and some pour into another container to later use it again. For example, I was genuinely surprised when I found out what recipe the potato puree was made by my friend, a vegetarian.

How to cook mashed potatoes

On vegetable oil fry the onion until golden brown.
Cook the boiled potatoes and crush them thoroughly with a blender, gradually adding water to the puree, in which the potatoes were cooked before. Mix the resulting mashed potatoes with toasted onion. Done.

Frankly, in my opinion, such a result is only suitable as a filling for pies. So I suggest you go to the cookbooks and look for the recipes there.

How to cook mashed potatoes with milk

Let's look in the book of Professor A.I. Pokery "Catering for all", which describes the recipe for a popular dish.

The author suggests taking 200 g of potatoes, 40 grams of milk, as well as 15 g of butter and a pinch of salt. Peel the tubers, wash them, put them in a saucepan, pour boiling water, add salt and cover with a lid, boil. It is believed that this way of cooking potatoes will save more vitamins. When the tubers are cooked, the water must be drained, and the potatoes should be further dried on low heat and, while still hot, kneaded or wiped through a sieve, pouring in a little hot milk boiled. The author does not recommend oil in puree, but for some reason he suggests melting it and pouring the dish before serving.

In the book of IK Sivolap "On tasty and healthy food", too, it is written how to make potatoes from potatoes, but in this recipe, in addition to milk, the addition of oil is recommended.
For 1 kg of potatoes it is advised to take 1 glass of milk and 2 tablespoons of butter.

Thus, following the advice of cookbooks, many housewives add milk to the mashed potatoes. I, too, did this until I read in some guide to healthy nutrition that potatoes do not mix well with milk (not to taste, but energetically). It is said that potatoes in milk or milk in potatoes are poorly perceived by the body and digested for a very long time. In the same directory it was said that the potato with cream and butter is well absorbed. Since then, I always cook mashed potatoes according to a new recipe.

How to cook mashed potatoes to make it a decoration for the table?

I suggest taking one and a half kilograms of potatoes, 150 grams of fresh butter, and a half cup of heated cream.
Potatoes are boiled in the manner described earlier, we pour out the water. While the potatoes are hot, start to crush it thoroughly, adding small pieces of butter. Also, in small portions, top up hot cream.

It is important to consider that when adding cold products to hot potatoes, the starch contained in it has a darkening property. Therefore, before you can cook mashed potatoes, you must first get oil from the fridge beforehand, and heat the cream.

Children under three years of mashed potatoes are recommended to add egg yolk. Adding yolk increases the nutritional value of the dish. The mashed potatoes prepared according to this recipe will be very useful for people with weakened health.

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