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How to knock down the temperature during pregnancy with folk remedies?

During pregnancy, the female body undergoes enormous loads and needs additional protection from aggressive external factors. It often happens that in the early term the future mother gets sick, which can have a very negative impact on the child. How to protect yourself from colds and help your body cope with it in a short time, provided that almost all medicines are under strict prohibition? How to knock down the temperature during pregnancy? Answers to these questions can be found by discovering the people's treatment.

So, than to knock down the temperature during pregnancy? The simplest and most common method is the use of liquid in unlimited quantities. This helps to remove toxins from the body, restores the balance of water in the body and reduces fever. It will be better if ordinary liquid is replaced with more vitamin compotes, fruit drinks, as well as herbal teas or infusions, because it will not only reduce the temperature, but also enrich you with vitamins. With caution, you need to drink plenty of liquor at the end of pregnancy, so as not to cause strong flow. A good alternative may be cool compresses, including those based on natural materials, such as cabbage leaves.

Is the temperature always dangerous during pregnancy? The first trimester is characterized by the fact that the norm for it is the interval of 37.0-37.5 degrees. To knock down such indicators does not follow, they are quite natural and are caused by the production of hormones. If you feel a strong heat, and the thermometer has stopped at a mark above 38 degrees, then urgent measures may be necessary. The only authorized medical device is paracetamol and other tablets based on it, also you can recommend antipyretic candles or enema with analgin. Under a categorical prohibition is aspirin. Remember that in any case you will need the help of a doctor and his appointment.

How to knock down the temperature during pregnancy, any woman should know. First of all, create comfortable conditions in your home, the air should be clean and cool, with natural ventilation. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and change it often enough if you sweat actively. You can take a warm but not hot shower or make a couple of compresses. As a basis for them, do not use alcohol, choose safer alternatives, such as vinegar and lemon juice.

It is important not only to know how to knock down the temperature during pregnancy, but how to do it is not worth it. In particular, under strict prohibition, especially in the first trimester, there are procedures such as hot foot baths. This event can provoke bleeding and even miscarriage. Taboo is also imposed on the use of decoctions of marigold.

If we sum up the question of how to knock down the temperature during pregnancy, we can say that prevention is the main thing in combating the disease, because it is much easier to prevent the disease than to cure it. Lead a healthy lifestyle, drink vitamins, walk and sleep often, then your body will be able to provide a worthy rebuff to any virus.

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